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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making Time for Fitness & Weight Loss

We all are given the Same amount of time each day
24 hours=1440 minutes=86,400 seconds
It was my greatest excuse for a long time.
  • Children (baby's, multiples, young, special needs)
  • Career (sometimes multiple jobs)
  • Taking care of Home (c'mon laundry, dishes, pets, taking out the trash all the cleaning)
  • Running Errands
  • Paying the bills
  • Long Commute
Time Wasters:
  • Television
  • Social Network Sites
  • Online Games
  • Video Games
  • Constantly checking e-mails, messages
  • Not Scheduling your day
  • Letting others interrupt you
  • Silent procrastination
  • No Set Plan with Goal Setting
  • Lack of Organization
If I asked you at this very moment to take a deep look at the time spent in your life, I'm pretty sure you would be able to identify when you could make time to take care of your fitness needs!
Truth is we allow ourselves the escape of responsibility with the easy quick excuse "I just don't have time". There are those out there that are doing it and they are just as busy if not more busier than you!  Harsh reality.

If you can't think of how you have the time surely as a Trainer and Coach I could point you into the right direction to make time!

  • Before Work- suck it up buttercup got to get out of bed to fit it in? Sucks don't it? Yes it sure does sometimes! However trust as I tell you this "You will feel so much better after and there is NEVER a work-out I've ever regretted" Keeping this positive mindset makes this implementation practical!  There are tips to help you too! Set the alarm- no Snooze! Don't let your mind think when the alarm sounds get in the practice of fumbling to the lights and turn them all on! Have your coffee or tea timer set to greet with a fresh cup of "Mojo" - the liquids, caffeine will wake you! Eat quickly upon waking- it will arouse your senses and awaken you even more and provides crucial energy to stay out of bed! 
  • During Work- Even if you are a stay at home worker or in an office there are 10-15 minute work-outs you can do that keep your metabolism moving during the day. I love giving out office work-outs and ideas that won't cause you to sweat and become discombobulated but instead elevate your heart rate and actually get you stronger! Imagine that- High heels and dress at work and still getting in a work-out! Do you want to ? 
  • After Work- leave no excuses if you are the type to get home and want to jump into your comfy lounge pants then you Must leave work and hit the gym immediately. No guilt, no matter how tired you are, no matter if you have to do it before/after you pick up your kids! It's also not something you have to commit to daily but just 3x weekly! So what if Monday-Friday you go to the gym 2x after work and on the weekend you do something when you have even more time! This is practical and still very healthy routines! 
  • At Night- You are home, finally dinner is done, you are feeling so exhausted. The couch calls for you, the body is drained, the mind is on stressful thoughts. You really just want to hang out with a book or the TV and relax! I don't blame you! You have now joined the millions around the world that fall into this trap! The reality is what will take away your stress can be a cleansing work-out. What can actually relax you more after doing the work-out is the work-out alone! What happens is that you have just given your metabolism another reboot! Again- remember if you have kids, you are home and not going to back out then you pop in a 30 minute video! Perhaps you make your work-out involve your family or children! Perhaps it's not even a solid 30 minutes but what If I challenged you to move every commercial break? What if it's 2 fifteen minute work-outs? Where is the rule book to how it all has to be done? I love mini work-outs like this! 
  1. Find a support network
  2. Cut the guilt
  3. Create a Plan and then Implement - creating the new healthy habit helps to overcome 
  4. Love yourself
  5. Talk positive to yourself
  6. Don't think at all! How many times could you save your life a lot of grief if you just could turn off your brain? Story for us all~!!
  7. Do work-outs with a partner, husband, kids- there is not greater awesome idea then to have fun with someone you love! 
  8. Identify time traps 
  9. Not saying "No" to others so that you can say "Yes" to yourself! 
 I challenge you to make Fitness apart of your every day life! Like brushing your teeth and taking a shower- it's just what you do! It becomes the fabric of who you are :) For greatest health and vitality this should be the reality for every single person in the world! More especially if you live a more sedentary life and a relaxed physically sedentary career. If you are already moving all day long and really exhausted physically it's likely a food issue. It's also likely that your metabolism is on even keel on the lifestyle and you MUST go above and beyond your normal routine to boost the metabolism and shed the weight. I have people that tell me they have very productive careers and some are actually physically demanding- yet I look at them and I wonder how they perform their job duties at all with any sort of vitality-energy or feel good vibes. Yet I tell them "More" you must move MORE! Not only that I then tell them they really got to take time to move less-Remember there is a time to Work and there is a time to REST!  We must all do that. Active lifestyles is not about sucking out every ounce of energy out of yourself every day. Where is the vitality in that? Complete exhaustion is stressful on the body- cortisol goes up- weight goes up- risk for heart disease and body inflammation sky rockets! Get your work done in every day and make time to rest every day! It's a balanced Life!

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