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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter - He has Risen Indeed

Friday as much as majority of Christians and the World was celebrating Good Friday there was No mistaking as my First "Good Friday" I felt sad and burdened for what my Savior had to go through. My First Good Friday since I was re-born. Yet I fully understood the end result and that he was Risen!


Today I give my forever grateful loving Thanks to God for coming down as man to show the world how to live and love! His word is written in Red. He was so Awesome and spoke with the most utmost intelligence. If he spoke plainly how intelligent would you find him? How much truth in his words would you find? His parables are great examples for the gentiles. The Lord made the word of God so incredibly relevant to all man.  He didn't just exist with a tablet of rules like Moses, Jesus was far more than just a man, he was God - all perfect - all free from sin! He came to Earth to fulfill the prophesy. The sacrificial system forever changed. No longer did any living animal have to pay the price for sin, instead God Sent down his only son to take the sin of the world "then and now and forever" so that you and I can be set free of our past, set apart from the darkness and shown the light. The light gives hope, love and eternal life after death.

I'm blessed this Easter- Being My First since I was Reborn!

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