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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Stop Over Eating or Stop Emotional Eating

How Can you reverse the bad habit of overeating or emotionally eating? 

1) Identify Stimuli - be aware of what is causing you to overeat.
2) Carefully and meticulously monitor your daily progress
3) Replace one set of behaviors with another  (make sure new habit is rewarding enough to keep moving forward) Always come home and go straight to the fridge to eat whatever is quick and convenient? Then you have to replace that habit with something totally new and different. Instead perhaps you get home and take your dog for a walk and while you are walking your dog you eat an apple and then arrive home, drink a glass of water and then prepare dinner.
4)repeated practice - this is not something you'll do for tmrw and today cause it's convenient and you are charged up for change. This has to be something you keep trying to master as you transform your lifestyle.
5) Give up the Attitude that it's "too difficult" or "beyond your personal control" If you sense yourself as being powerless then you have already began a losing battle and will continue to engage in the same old patterns.  What you are you speaking to yourself? What are the voices in your head telling you? Do you find them to be pessimistic and self defeating?
6) Seek support- As a weight loss coach this is a strong point in my coaching. Helping you to identify and recognize cues about your eating. Perhaps it's a best friend, spouse or child- whom ever let them on board with you needing that positive support for a healthier longer life with them. Most likely you are doing most your bad habits in private so that others don't see what you are doing. It's easier to avoid the shame and guilt. Make sure it's positive support and not one from someone who is fearful of a stronger you (sometimes fear hides in thoughts that you will leave them behind, become better than them or leave them) Make sure they have your best interest at heart.

I've gone into deeper conversation about emotional eating Here!

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  1. Great insight. I am in the process of adopting these tips so that I will overcome my emotional eating.