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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eat Clean by Avoiding 10 Food Additives

1) Msg is often found in soups, salad dressings
2) HFC's are found in nearly everything and you would be surprised there is not a natural product out there on the common food shelves these days! Ketchup is NOT tomato and pinch of sugar it's all hfc's and the same for jams, cereals, soups, most all processed foods
3) Food Dyes- many don't want to admit it but how much food coloring are you consuming? What is that doing to your intestines? we don't know! Don't chance it - it's not healthy or normal to consume foods with all these artificial dyes which are simply put in foods to make them look good! Lets not worry about how the food looks lets take a stand and worry about the nutritional value to the food! 
4) BHA/BHT is most all processed foods it's a preservative
5)Sodium Nitrtates/Nitrates- I want to scare you- this stuff is NOT something to mess with! It's found in all deli meats (unless you buy them natural) hot dogs, bacon, pepperoni, ham slices (basically pork preservative) and you don't need it cured that way- you can find natural options out there without the pork preservatives - you'll pay a little extra but be cautious these toxins are linked to autism, cancers and various health problems! I'm really big on this stuff especially for our children if they enjoy hot dogs! 
6) Trans Fat- we know all about this bad fat it clogs the artery walls in an instant. So bad for you and guess what? Manufacturers are still using it! Who?  Everyone don't be food just because a package reads Zero Trans Fats does NOT mean that it's free and clear of it! if the food company uses .5 g or less they can claim the "trans fat free label" and it's bogus! Look for the words "hydrogenated or Partially hydrogenated" in your package ingredients! 
7) Artificial Sweeteners- names like Aspertame, Sucralose, Saccharin, Neotame, Acesulfame -K 
It's all man made artificial JUNK that tricks the body but not the mind! 
8-10) These are all preservatives as well so just be mindful of them when you reading labels. Avoiding as many of these as possible is better for your body. Think of your nervous system, endocrine system and all these chemicals do affect your body even if you can't see it or notice it right now! 

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