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Sunday, July 31, 2011

14 Just makes Cents Marlboro Man

I woke up at 5:30am tired as my son was up at 2am with an odd tummy bug that left him vomiting in his bed and he walked into his Momma♥ but barfed at my bedside and then again on my living room carpet. So needless to say after an almost 1/2 hour clean up and getting him nestled back into bed I was back to sleep so tired wondering how in the world I was going to wake up in 3 hrs with just 5hrs of sleep to have the THRILL to run 14 miles to which I've been secretly dreading all week.

My runs have been epic fails lately in paces around 9:15 each leaving me tired and sluggish, the weather and the calorie cutting has left me feeling like shiz lately! Truth & Fact!

I downed 2 mega cups of coffee and an oatmeal with Chia (day 2!)
Feeling SUPER bloated and having gained 4lbs of water in just 3 days for no real reason at all...I was not thinking it was going to be a pleasant run.

I started off at 6:45am with blue skies and a pleasant coolness of around 70 degrees! I ran unplugged enjoying the quiet of the Sunday Morning ♥ Always my Fave! Always Brilliant to run on the weekends, early morning!

My first mile was a steady warm-up around a 9:50 pace. I knew I was feeling decent after the warm up and could pick up my pace. So I started hitting a comfy 9min mile. Then I started hitting an even more comfortable 8:30 mile!

I found 2 cents in the first mile of my run....always a great indication of an amazing run to come! It's a karma thing for me!

As there is always a theme to my's 14 miler is dedicated to the Marlboro Man as I began to notice the theme come to me after about the 4th empty Marlboro cigarette pack lay in the road. By the time I hit empty pack number 9 in mile 8 I literally chuckled to myself!

Hey I smoked for 12 years and here I was 150lbs lighter and a runner girl ♥

Mile 12 there was this person trying to back up a moving van and there was a lady that yelled out to the driver "carefull there is a runner behind you" and that made me SMILE BIG! Yes at mile 12 I was a Runner and I looked like I was running not a jogger..not a walker...a RUNNER!

I finished this run in 2:04:13 for a pace of 8:52 per mile....WOW...I CRIED LIKE A BIG BABY! HAPPY & INCREDIBLY PROUD TEARS!

This run after weeks of mostly epic fails it has restored my faith in my running and my progress, my efforts, my ability to continue on with Marathon training again!

Today's Run Dedication song will be Pink's - Who Knew

Recovery: 2.5 whole organic eggs, 100 calorie high fiber english muffin.
Preweight: 162 (up 4lbs of water in 3 days. yikes!)
After run: 158 (4lbs water loss)
drank 10oz of water during end of run!

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