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Saturday, July 23, 2011

You Don't need to Run

When I talk to people about getting fit I always talk about running, I can't help myself! However, I am sensible and understand that it may simply never interest a person, or they physically are unable to run. So let me just say you don't have to be a Marathoner or runner to become a fit person. I say find ways to get active by finding a cardio of choice that you can get excited about! I have friends who started spinning, walking and even started enjoying Zumba several times a week! You don't need gym memberships or pricey equipment. There simply must be a desire and an original idea with simple implementation to get it done.

So with today being a running rest day I was still able to incorporate fitness into my life. How? We took the kids swimming today. I park further from the door for the extra walk inside. Once in the pool I take off and start swimming for two laps in my best doggy paddle fashion, lmao! Ok, let me just say that was HARD and I was feeling the two laps! Once at home we created a pull-up bar that took just a few bucks to put together. I did a single pull-up! Boom! hahaha! hey there was a time when I could do NONE! So today I did one! I would like to get up to ten! That's my Goal! I came inside and I cranked out 30 sit-ups......5 more than what is needed for the police officer exam! I then worked some push-ups I have to do much work needed with that too! I'll get there! I then did Three 1 minute planks! I also stretched as my right leg muscles are feeling tight!
So there you have learn to walk a bit more, work some muscles from home and it all only takes a bit of time out of your life. And what is time when it's something that is enjoyable or challenging!

Food: Played with Black beans again today. This time I took some of my favorite BBQ Sauce and mushed some black beans/onions/peppers together and heated in the pan and threw it in a wrap! Ok...Yum!

B: 1 organic egg over 1 slice of wheat toast, coffee
L: 1 slice of whole wheat bread, 3/4 tblsp of Natural Peanut Butter, 1tsp of jam, chobani greek yogurt
D: 1/4 of that black bean wrap! 2 ears of corn with a spat of real butter (the only time I use real butter...but I have to with corn on the cob!) pinch of sea salt and black pepper. 3oz of grilled chicken breast dipped in my BBQ Sauce. Pear slices!
S: 2 freeze pops, 2 cups of air popped popcorn and 4 dark chocolate Hershey kisses!

Fitness: swim,pull-ups,sit ups,planks,push-ups,stretch
Calories: 1500
Water: 80oz
Weight: 157.5 (-1.0)

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