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Saturday, July 23, 2011

BMI-Body Mass Index

The reality of a number can really slap a person back into reality. The first step to change is the acknowledge that you need one. Sometimes that comes from a scare in your personal life. For instance most often you hear of someone that has a loved one that has fallen ill or suddenly passed from heart disease or cancer. Even for us, as we watched my husband's mother pass from Cancer back in 2000 it was still not enough of a wake up call for change. Then as we watch family battle more cancer and more health problems from obesity like diabetes, it still was not enough of a wake up to quit smoking or get healthy. Each trip to the doctor came the lecture of why it was important to quit and what it could do the quality of our life. We turned a deaf ear. We liked eating. We like smoking cigarettes. It made us feel good. Let's face it in a crazy world we live in a very 'feel good' mentality. If it feels good we will do it. Even if it's wrong. (Philosophically speaking...we all can be this way with many things in life...morally speaking?!) What shakes a person to the core enough to be a wake up call? Can it really be your Body Mass Index. Can be labeled Obese or morbidly obese enough of a wake up call for you? What if you are just 'overweight' is that enough of a label to seek a plan for difference and change for health and life? We live in a very distorted society. We view healthy as being too thin these days (believe me as I didn't hit normal weight yet and I always had people're getting too thin or you that my husband looks sick cause of how thin he got....can you believe rumor was that he might of had cancer or hepatitis. How crazy people! It's called HEALTHY..HELLO!)
Ok so for me the number never told me anything that I didn't already know or even feel for that matter. I was obese. A Happy, active fat obese person. Why change? I liked smoking cigarettes, I liked eating big macs and Fry's. It was my worth, it made me happy and when I ate I always felt good. Afterwards typical eaters remorse...but that's just the emotional side of eating that I will surely spiel about in the future posts to come. Of course there was two things that caused me to change....feeling incredibly uncomfortable, tired and sick feeling and most importantly the deep desire to live a healthy life so I can live a long time so I can be here for my children and grandchildren and maybe even Great-Grandchildren!

But Your Body Mass Index is important. It's a great indication of just what you WILL be suffering from at some point in the future. If you knew you could change the course of dying suddenly from heart disease or spare yourself the increased risk of getting cancer...then why not try? Most often people have no self worth and this is because with obesity there is vicious cycle of self esteem issues. You don't feel worth it because you are are fat because you don't feel you are worth it. Believe me when I say....each and every person is worth a good life that is full of energy and that energy propels into health and the great wealth and happiness that life has to offer! Even if you find out what it is today and that magical wand does not shake the core of change within you, just know that understanding the number is important for you. Maybe you reflect on it, maybe it festers inside you and it just that spark that you need when something else flares up the desire for change that will just set off the explosion of change in a positive direction for you.
I learned my number when I started my BMI was 47! (anything over 30 is obese...I was WAY OVER!) Most importantly my number is now 23.9(anything under 24.9 is healthy/normal!)
What's your Number and will change anything for you?

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  1. Thank you for blogging!!
    Previously I was bmi# 45.1
    Currently Praising Jesus I am bmi#25.4!
    God Bless You Real Good!!