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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rest Day Finally & Day 1 Chia

So my body is mad at me. I am intensely sore all over and my weight reflects both the lack of rest and lack of sleep. I'm living and playing so hard that I don't have much time to sleep! Boom! haha! Ok so listen I've gone virtually 2 weeks without some form of cardio or weight training. So today is Rest. We are venturing out as a family to meet with friends for a family to family play date in the sun and dining out together! Then perhaps I will be walking as we may take off to HarborFest for More Weekend Fun ♥ So I will behave when we dine out and keep my calorie count on track.
*Tip....if you know where you are going to dine out, plan ahead by looking up the menu and nutritional facts before getting there. Make your choice for what you'll eat before you are there and tempted by the menu. As a matter of fact you shouldn't even have to pick up the menu! Avoid the temptations!*

Day 1 Chia.
I have been pushing pace...I have been running inside sometimes to avoid the heat and humidity as the heat wave is finally gone but I'm still feeling sluggish. I know it's from calorie cutting and forcing my body to do 8 different things right now (gain muscle, lose fat, get faster etc)
Don has been eating a little seed called "Chia" for the past Year. He swears by it in the positive affects it has on his running. He has been asking me to start it up again (I tried last year for a was ok!) He is convinced it will help me to avoid those sluggish feelings when I run. I'm finally biting! If I can be a better runner then I'm all for it.

So here is information about Chia. I thought this was a good general link for you because it offers some information about it and some recipes too. You can buy it online, in your local health food store, etc. We have a great little Mill that is close by and they package it up and it's like 12 bucks for 20oz of it.

Full of omegas it has this amazing ability to 'gel' up and hold water to help the runner avoid dehydration, aid in weight loss as you feel full longer and provides all these great health benefits like reducing inflammation!

Last Year I remember making some great yummy treat recipes with chia and I think I'll do that again and share with you all :-)

Day 1 was 1 tsp in my Flaxseed Oatmeal~!

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