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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Long Run Fun

Long Run Fun...ok maybe not so much FUN! Ha! Ok so lesson for you Runners that are Calorie Counting and reducing to lean out, you will have runs where you feel heavy and depleted. I expect nothing but feeling mentally strong but physically weak at moments when our body's go from using the fuel we eat to energize our runs or the body trys to find that fuel and there is simply not enough so it starts hitting up your stored fats to fuel your muscles. What a great way to lose weight, what a hard way to run! I kept the first 6 miles incredibly comfortable as I set out before the sun came out fully and there was a lovely overcast and great breeze and an incredible 70 degrees! Say What! Awesome! I paid no attention to my pace for the first 6 miles and settled that in just about 59 minutes, haha I guess I was comfy at a 9:58 pace! Then I sorta gave my mind a dizzy head spin as I attempted to hit every dam hill I could find and work on picking up my pace. To which my body rebelled and my calves got tight! Like real tight, so tight at one point I thought that I was going to tear a muscle in my left calve as I climbed the s.h.i.t. on my run! Boom! I remember that dam hill taking me out numerous times last summer (course I was 60lbs heavier and not as strong!) so I conquer in my mind those thoughts as I climb! AT the top of the s.h.i.t. I glance over at a mansion that had Lion Heads in stone and on the front door....ROAR I thought...lmao. I totally amuse myself when I run...I suppose I was a bit bored just about an hour in! It was an eary quiet Sunday morning run as I optionally ran the main state highway this a city of 30 thousand there were times when there was not a car to be seen or heard...yep...dam surreal awesomeness! The bun factory smells left me hungry as my hunger settled in about mile 3! saw two black and white Kitty's abandoned long the!

So the end I was digging and I laugh again cause as I'm hurting from hitting every incline/hill I could find for the last 6...I knew that it was good that last minute I decided to back down off of 14 miles to run just 12. Simply because as I reflect it's been a month since I've gone 14 miles and it's been 2 weeks since a LR of ten miles. With the knee and a taper of just a simple 18 miles last week and having hit 34 this week...I think the increase was well enough that a deserved 2 mile break would be more beneficial then good~! Oh I pat myself on the back for this weeks LR I was feeling it! So far the knee is ok and only a few minor twinges/aches this past week nothing compared to last week and nothing of concern to me anymore :-)

Mile 11 I was feeling weak and tired...ready to be DONE with this run! I started thinking of my Running Sisters running with me in different parts of our beautiful country! Eleanor and Dorothy you ladies were with me on this run, when I thought of you I smiled and it helped me climb my last incline toward home ♥ So Thank You ♥ Just after this about 11.15 in at the top of that hill I saw a man without legs riding down the road in a wheel chair...Wow...Wake-up Call... My drowsy dead leg feeling and my aches disappeared as I literally thanked God for my legs and my ability to RUN! Mushy love song came on the ipod at this point. that just happens to haunt my every run lately ...must get this song OUT OF MY IPOD! I was like dam shiz I want to run to some Eminem now freaking Beyonce.....darn Ipod is starting to break and my ability to slide and change songs is a task if even possible on certain days. So I was stuck on it. sigh. I was able to lose myself enough to crank out the last of the mile at a fast 8:20 I had a BOOM Ending!

Woke up bloated at run weight after having drank 12oz coffee, 20 oz during run, 8 after run and oatmeal I was weighing in at 156.5 for despite the fluids during the run I still managed to lose 2.5lbs of water! CRazy!

B: flaxseed/cranberry oatmeal, coffee
Recovery: 2 freeze pops, electrolyte drink, 2 eggs scrambled with ketchup..oh yeah!
L: Chobani greek yogurt
D: Two lite rolls, 4oz of reduced deli ham, reduced mayo, spinach, tomato, fresh strawberrys
S: 2 more freezepops and serving of my fave Dark chocolate ♥

Fitness: 12 Mile run at 9:45 pace, climb 120 stairs and walk at the Glen with my family, spend the entire day on my the shopping, photo shoot! 30 sit ups and attempts again of push ups!
Calories in: 1200
Water: 80oz

Oh I am putting in pics of my pull up session yesterday, haha! Enjoy!

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