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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

7 outside turned into 4 inside

I am supposed to run 7 miles today. I ran 4 instead. It was all that I could muster when it was such a beautiful day out and I'm yet again the treadmill. I hate how much I have run on that machine the last two weeks. I understand it must be done but I'm sorta a bit wiped from it. I was actually so bored I left the treadmill upstairs after finishing up my first three miles and went downstairs and ran the last mile hoping that the change could help me at least push out 5...but I only made to mile four before my boredom was about to explode out of me! haha! Truth be told I was a machine last week with 35 miles and cross trains and strength training/planking, etc that I'm still on a roll with the hardcore efforts while keeping my calories at rock bottom numbers. How do I fuel such running on 1500 cals! or on most days just about 1200? I'm burning about 500 a day at LEAST on these wonder I'm melting here and my frustration mounds as I see more and more skin begin to sag. I was in the mirror today after my run as I cranked out some more arm curls and DAM I'm getting small. I look my 30inch waist and my 38" hips are popping a great figure. There was a chunky girl a few feet over doing some arm work and I just couldn't help but glance between our two body's and reflect on how far I've made it. How I used to be that plus way more! How I should put more value on being in the 150's when I was once over 309! Crazy! My legs are so slim, my waist so small....poor breasts are deflated little things that match my new smaller self and my face has virtually no fat left on it. I'm really leaning out. I wonder as I gain muscle just how much I can really lose. Although I see myself skinny in that mirror I woke up and felt bloated at 157 this morning and felt pudgy in my section. I just know after yesterdays measurements my loss are coming from the mid-section so I must be patient!

I did some mad ab crunching and my abs are SORE! I did just one set of pull downs, arm curls working different arm muscles as I curl in different ways. Interesting how I'm still learning!

Today my Song is dedicated to another Script Album Song- For the First time. This will be shout out to Don as my response to his Michael Buble song he dedicated to me- Hold on. This one is for you Don.

B: 2 egg whites, 1 slice of whole wheat toast, coffee
L: Chobani Greek yogurt, 5 natural chicken nuggets and 1 serving of baked tots

Fitness: 4 mile run in 36min for 9min pace, arm curls, abs
Weight: 157.5

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  1. Go girl :o) 4 miles, remember, is 4 miles more than zero miles. Glad your abs are feeling it too, mine are screaming when I go to bed! It'll be worth it.