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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day Puppy 5K Training!

Tonight I took my 11 month old Golden Retriever out for his first run. Benny is a pure bred and as much as he is acclimated to our family, with our spontaneous and comings and going he is UBER excited always to be around us. This leaves his excited happiness in a jumpy puppy state ALOT! We tend to let him run around the yard in mad circles for about ten minutes to get his puppy wiggles out. He loves playing fetch...ball being his favorite as the Frisbee frustrates him! But he sits well and will shake your hand.

I've been meaning to start train him for the last month. With alot of personal things going on in my life, this was certainly not on my priority list. Just on a whim I brought him from being outside and decided to take him for a walk...well I started to run and Dang...he did GOOD! OK so I had flip flops on and comfy cotton shorts and a tank and look like a total special person fleeing down the street but what do I care! ha! He dashed in front of me a few times and once stopped suddenly but I found the jot back toward the house was better as he ran loose on his choker collar and I was able to pull up on it when he would get a little ahead of me or in front of me!

Proud of you Benny Boy! First 1/4 mile run done! My plans are to get him trained to run just a simple 3 miles with me and I'd love to take him with me and start doing early morning/late night runs with him! I'd love and him on dark city streets, run unplugged to enjoy the quiet! He would keep me safe...he has a mean bark...not sure about the bite as he is kind to us all but strangers he sounds FIERCE!


My next training run will be Thursday with him and I'll aim for about the same distance and start to find a training schedule for him!

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