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Friday, July 22, 2011

3 Miles and Black Bean Wrap!

Running: Today I ran again. Despite the nagging knee that I had last week and the beginning of this week it has mysteriously dissapered. *insert Connie Smiles* :-) I'll take that! Today was the 5th day in a row of running and I did two miles a very comfy 9:30 pace...which is my aimed goal pace for October 16th! The 3rd Mile I laddered up with my speed averaged out to be around a 7:30 mile as I peaked a sub 7min pace toward the end of the run. I have been learning to dig harder as my main focus in my head concenrating on both turnover/stride and my concentrating on breathing properly to avoid side stitches and keep my energy up without a huffy puffy ending. I won't lie at those speeds I'm really digging deep and pushing myself to new levels all the time on my runs. I have no more fears as my confidence with my running has been on a high since Marathon. I know I am capable of being a great runner. I look foward to placing my in age groups in the future. My first prize whether a medal or a trophy is going to be simply AMAZING. I have those visions dancing in my Runners Head very often when I'm running and training this hard. My ability to ward off the injury has been keen on my mind this past 2 weeks. We are all capable of hurting ourselves. Listening to our body and our brain is a hard connection for most. Even me. I want to be able to listen to my body but I'm never sure if I'm overly nervous/anxious/paranoid or if it's legitamate. I reflect on Last Marathon training and my soft tissue bruise I had on my arch for a several weeks and how I ran through it, cross trained through it and it was not improving. I really gave myself just two full days rest and that seemed to have helped out a lot. That is such a huge deal in a runners head...the idea of having to take a break. I won't lie I've seen it take out alot of my runner friends. I have empathy for them and secretly fear the day I can't ever run for an extended period of time. I worry about that often. So much that taking 3 days off last week is what I felt I needed as a smarter and wiser runner. I also cut out my double run day this week and no hill work to baby the knee. I did do some speed work and that has been fine. I will attempt hills next week. It's a must for this training program as my next Marathon is full of rolling hills for over half the race, so I must be prepared!

Fitness otherwise: I climbed 56 flights of stairs in 10 minutes after my run. I also walked into the weight room barged a spot infront of the boys and stole my mirror spot so I can work on my arms. In the nautillus I cranked out a few minutes of ab crunching followed up with some quad/hamstring/obliques strength training. After my stair climb I went back for more arm pull downs!

Breakfast: 1 organic egg over 1 slice of wheat toast, 3 cups of coffee!
Lunch: Chobani Greek Yogurt- was hoping to eat some nuts today but I'm out of walnuts...bummer!
Dinner: Black Bean Wrap: (2/3 cup organic black beans that I soaked overnight and cooked) (1/3 cup organic whole kernal corn without salt) 4 organic cherry tomatos diced, 1 tblsp of organic zesty italian dressing. 1 whole wheat tortilla. Wrapped it up and ate it all. 3 cups of coffee!
Snacks: 2 freezepops in the hot summer sun! 96 out today!

* I will be eating later on when my Husband gets home from work. Light and healthy and reasonable. I'm not hungry now but I know I will be later and surely after working a 16 hour shift he'll be eating and it's wise for me to consider that and plan ahead. Most times I will save myself a chance to snack when he eats or often I will not eat at all. Tonight I will have likely some popcorn and dark chocolate :-)

My first time doing this and I thoroughly enjoyed this meal. I love that I incorporated alot of protein through the beans and plenty of fiber to boot! So many phytonutrients! Even after the wrap there was plenty left over so I just spooned the rest and got in all the yummy healthy calories!

Very light calorie day...I hydrated so much as I spent hours at the pool with my peeps and just full of liquids and not much of an appetite either. I feel full and happy so I'm good!

Fitness:3 miles, 10min stair climb, strength training
Calories in: 700
Water: 80oz
Weigh in: 158.5 (+.5)

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