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Monday, December 31, 2012

My Body deserves the BEST - New Year Wake Up call for my clients

As you adventure into the new year the countless thoughts strike our every thought.....

"My Body deserves the best"

"I've failed myself long enough"

"I can't seem to push past this plateau"

"I keep cycling in and out of trying and this is IT, I'm doing this!"

This is all so common and I KNOW cause I was that person but I didn't just do that on the start of a new year, I did that a lot of my adult life as an obese adult and actually everyday when I was an overweight child.

I know the conversations in your head; I can guarantee you I've shared the same thoughts, the same guilt, the same convincing myself, the same planning.

I'd follow through for a day or two and maybe even a week or two and THEN.....


I'd fall back to food my comfort place. My secret safe place. That invisible friend that no one can see but that I could feel. That friend was a liar but it never mattered, they were trustworthy and they gave me a comfort I could never find any where else or with no one else.

It's not comfortable to work-out, it's not fun to sweat. Actually I felt gross, undeserving, the intolerant insatiable need to just convince myself "this feeling can't be normal, this is harder for me than anybody else, this is suppose to be easier, my lungs are burning, my back aches, my stomach bounces, my arms are flabbing, my ass looks to big on this machine, that man over there is staring at me, that woman is so pretty and fit and I just feel like a cow. These thoughts, all so negative but so real ravished my thoughts on each attempt at the gym. I held my gym memberships and time after time, year after year told myself even though I was not even a runner at the time that I'd get out there and do a run on New Years Day because it was the START to my new way of Life.

I know you have felt or do feel the same things I did. It's what connects us because I was morbidly obese all my adult life and overweight even before that. I know the value of a cookie and I know the disdain behind the early miles of moving in a new direction.

So how can I help you move you forward and make this year the year that you really make that BIG change?


  1. Stick around, use the support networks I've set up. There is NO greater gift than a place where you can feel comfortable to rant, share, celebrate, cry or work through all your fears, doubts. Find local trainers, local people in the community to surround yourself with that can answer questions and support you. Trainers are NOT just for showing you moves and form they can really be the greatest source of motivation and support for you!
  2. Get involved in challenges. I have some set up and there is always a new challenge around every corner for fasts, sugar free challenges, work out challenges
  3. Commit to running, commit to a race, designate that you absolutely no matter what will give yourself exactly 3 months to learn a new sport (running, swimming, cycling) SPORT- NOT A WORK-OUT- SPORT!!  
  4. I know you want to go into overdrive. Our Minds are Ferrari's yet our body's are not well fueled, nor are they properly maintained and drive more like a busted up pinto. So slow down, be reasonable with your work-outs. Don't work out 5-7 days a week for an hour at a time- instead a reasonable goal would be 3 days a week for 3o min. You'll avoid burn-out and you'll give your mind time to adapt to the growing changes that take place with food modifications and learning new food behaviors. 
  5. Start slowly with getting into clean eating practices. Totally being radical with your food modifications do sometimes work for some, however more often than not you will "try" a new diet and or vegan, paleo etc lifestyles and find it's much too difficult to transition too. I don't blame you even as a clean eater and playing around with such diets as experiments (for you!) I've learned "holey crap- not easy!" Just keeping it real! I'd much rather you instead of eliminating food groups right now aim for healthy options to eat in EACH food category and as you gain food control and begin to eat in proper moderation's begin to experiment on what your body likes and doesn't like. I really think we have to eat clean before we adventure into learning how our body's like, dislike dairy, gluten, etc. 
  6. Get to the Doctor soon and get your hormones, cholesterol, lipids etc checked! Then while you are there make plans to go back in 6 months for another check. This will aide in your commitment. Talk to your doctor about options for nutritional support especially if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic. Most often if you have an illness like that or sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure insurance will cover that cost with no argument. Use your insurance, use your doctor for check ups and get all your numbers checked! 
  7. Stay Positive- write notes to yourself, keep up visual aides to keep you motivated in the weeks, months to come. There is nothing worse than negative self talk. It will Win every time and in the end you actually lose. Remember all that negative self talk I did and how I convinced myself I was too big, too uncomfortable to work-out? That was all wrong and I never had anyone tell me to STOP doing that- so I'm telling you now "STOP DOING THAT!"  *with Love ;-) *
  8. Don't throw in the towel. Prepare NOW that it won't be easy. Prepare yourself now that mentally you will have harsh days, quitting thoughts. How will you overcome? What will you say and do to get through it instead of cycling past through? Plan and prepare! 
I can go on ALL DAY LONG!  With that said it's because I know, it's because I help others and if you feel like as you adventure into the days, weeks, months ahead that you want some one - on - one coaching the check out my services for coaching and we can start working together!

Do You Feel Ready?

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