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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coaching the next generation about Health & Fitness

I took time out of my day 2x in one day last week as I volunteered to go in and talk to a bunch of 4&5 year olds about healthy food and exercise!

I had a morning group of about 25 kids and an afternoon class (with my twins) of about 12.

I passed around my medals and read them a book about Marathon running (it was fun & cute!)
The children were amazed at great it was to hold and play with my medals. I talked to them about eating fruits/veggies and how to make sure they keep moving throughout the day for exercise. Who played sports and how they can stay active even if they are home (like running in place or playing the Wii sports, etc)

What a great opportunity that I hope to do more often in my future!

Here is a picture from one of the class'

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