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Sunday, January 6, 2013

CCRG's Biggest Loser Week #1

This is friendly competition to keep you hopefully motivated, inspired and on the right path for the next several months. The Challenge is intended to ignite sharing, networking and working together as we all gain a better understanding of our body's and what it's going to take for each of you to get to ultimate goal!

Each Week that Biggest Loser Aires I'll come to the group and share the coming weeks personal challenge I have set up for you all. Some will be focused on food, some on fitness and maybe a little of everything in between!

I will ask about progress and suggests reads that might be helpful to some of you in the coming months. There is over 400 people in this group and I know I mentioned it before but I can't stop repeating myself there is some AMAZING Awesome Woman here that have the tools and knowledge to help you along in your journey. Many are well on their way to their ultimate goal weight and many are there and maintaining. Inspire each other, ignite conversation. Ignite challenges with each other.

Every Week while you watch the show I want you to use the commercial as a mini work-out session.
Commercial Work-outs can be any of the following and anything else you might think of!
  • wall sit
  • push ups
  • sit ups/russian twists/core work
  • lunges across the house
  • squats (sumo, plie)
  • Yoga poses
  • Pilates moves
  • Planks

Week #1-
  • Weigh In- Take Pictures- Take Measurements this can be great re-cap of the last challenge if you lose some inches and weight and want me to do the comparison photos for you then email me at and I'll do that for you!
  • Prepare your Pantry- throw away opened junk/processed dirty foods and donate the unopened stuff. Time to clean out the old and start your clean eating shopping and eating!
  • Plan your Schedule - choose today what days this week you will work out. Write it down on an index card and prepare ahead too a list of reasons why you deserve to work out to re-read it to yourself when you are low on enthusiasm to get out the door or onto the treadmill
  • Pick a Partner! If you are interested choose a team color!  Your Partner will uniquely be your accountability partner. I'd pick someone who is going to be as interactive as you. So if you plan to only come around once a week let that be known to the potential partner. If you plan on daily accountability with each other then make sure you share that as well. Partner up well, share e-mails and maybe facebook friend each other. Use each other for motivation, support and I know that if given the same participation from each it can be a really special new friendship!

After Each Week if you have weighed in I will make a choice on a winner (chosen at random) for great little samples. I have free samples coming from all over so make sure you are joining in each week for your chance at a small item or treat!


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