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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Coached my Daughter to her first 5k at 7yrs old

My Princess Whitney desired to run a 5k for a while now. I started to train her and she did really well. Walk/Run and then she got sick and then recovered and then I got sick but over-all we did very well in training up toward 2miles and then she ran 90-95% of a Thanksgiving Day 5k. Two weeks later she would officially run her first RACE!

It's a Wonderful Run 5k 2012-
Pretty modest winter day- no rain- slight wind and about 45' degrees.
The Christmas themed race had thousands of runners and we heard endless bell ringing, Christmas lights and lots of music from the residents on the course. Always a fave race of mine!

My Husband and I ran with her and really enjoyed ourselves! The last mile was tough on her but I'll tell you what- she was a complete hero for a her push at the last 1/10th of a mile- she opened up to full on sprint toward the finish! Wow I'm so proud ♥

Mile One- 11.20
Mile Two- 25:30
Mile Three one- 41.19

She asked "when is the next one Mom" ;-)

After Daddy and I took her out for a bite to eat! What a Great and Amazing Experience!

What's Best is her PUMPED UP EXCITEMENT! Can you Tell? haha! she was exploding! We talked about her Butterflies in her belly and how to embrace the JOY of Racing nerves as a feel good life experience compared to all the nerves in life when we experience bad things. This was a good nervous! Harness it and use it to push you forward in all you do in life!

Post Race- I scooped her up immediately after the race and carried her to food- my PLEASURE and HONOR - and the next day we giggled cause she struggled walking down the stairs or getting into the car - her legs were sore! Now she knows how Momma feels after a Marathon or long hard Run!

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  1. Awe that is super cool!! My 7 year old son is wanting to run races with me and I have been trying to figure out a way to help him train for it.