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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Be Healthy on Holiday Cookie Swaps / partys

Many of us are enjoying the holidays and in doing so we Celebrate, Socialize with Food!  It's not necessary to negate the food during the holidays. There is nothing wrong with sustaining when you are steadfast in your journey. There is also nothing wrong with planned, moderated indulgences either.

If you plan to go to a Holiday Party or have one in your own home then here are some baking alternatives and snack ideas that you can utilize to make your holiday treats "Cleaner, Healthier"

 Baking Alternatives


Gorgeous Display!

CandayCane Shape Fun- Get Creative

Fruit Display

Chocolate Covered Strawberrys

Chocolate Covered Apples
Candy Canes
Candy Cane Shot- NonFat Milk and Candy Cane- crush candy can around rim for cute look
Chocolate Covered Candy Cane- Low Calorie Treat

Pretzels are low fat treat and you can make something Festive and still not break the calorie bank!

  1. Make/Bake/Bring only what you need to.There is no need to make excess treats- if you make a lot to bring to a party then leave them there.
  2. When your Guests Leave send them with them!
  3. Plan for extra exercise to negate calories
  4. Think Fruit, Vegetables and use cute platters to display
  5. Shape a healthy food into the shape of a tree, candy cane, reindeer etc
  6. Trick your family/friends with Clean Eating, Low Sugar recipes. Perhaps you do black bean brownies(will they ever know?) Perhaps you find a low glycemic cookie that they will enjoy yet won't cause the sugar crash that is so infamous with cookie eating!
  7. Think outside the box- instead of bringing cookies perhaps you can bring holiday martini-or festive holiday drinks.
  8. Christmas Themed trail mix is another fun festive idea


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