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Thursday, December 27, 2012

CCRG's Biggest Loser Competition Spring 2013

I am starting a Biggest Loser Competition that will begin officially Monday 1/7/2013 which I'm hoping is the Debut of the Spring 2013 Biggest Loser Competition on TV. Here we can share/talk about the show and put on a friendly challenge amongst each other. The focus will be on the same principles in the show and that is healthy foods and active lifestyles which is exactly what I promote and Coach!

Each Week we will weigh in and keep track of our individual weight loss. Each week we will share our progress being sure to participate as often as possible to stay on track to instill new healthy habits. I know we all can grow mentally from this upcoming experience, I know the support is EXACTLY what is needed in order to keep pushing forward. Ask Questions, seek support and be there for others too! I know you will love the interaction!

 I am here if you are looking for individual coaching and my participation in the group will be casual as I Coach in real life and online as well as busy with my photography business and my family, faith etc.

Join us here

How to Calculate Percentage of Weight Loss
Subtract your existing weight from your beginning weight to obtain the number of pounds you have dropped since starting your diet or exercise routine. 
Divide the number of pounds you have lost thus far by your starting weight. For example, if your starting weight was 180 and you have lost 18 pounds, you would get a total of 0.1 (18/180=0.1). 
Multiply your answer by 100 to obtain your weight loss percentage (0.1x100=10, or 10 percent).

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