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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't Worry about what you will eat

One of my most favorite things to do especially as a New Christian having been born again is reading the word of Jesus Christ. He can guide us so much in life and he is our teacher. He loved parables and well I do too - but Gosh he is GOOD!

Luke 12:22- 23

Do Not Worry!

 And he said to his disciples, “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat, nor about your body, what you will put on. For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing.
(Luke 12:22-23 ESV)

How Many of us in our Journey toward Health (skinniness?)  get so hung up on all the details? It's not hard we become so focused and we get so driven(that we often lose focus).  We track Calories, we track every morsel of food and we track the minutes and miles on the track. Calculating if we had enough of sweat to make it all worth while. All be it wonderful and part of the journey toward transformation; we MUST keep a light aspect to it all. We have to learn that while losing and maintaining takes daily diligence and planning that God our Almighty will provide. We need to stop Worrying and we need to start listening to What God really wants us to learn in life! God, he wants our body's to be representative of his love and a great image of vitality for those that look at us will see the glow of the holy spirit that fills us! Yet our number ONE is God himself. That we put our greatest focus not on numbers and details but on him!

So Why do We Worry so Much?  There are so many reasons and to each our own but they come disguised as sin- self seediness or even of the devil. It can masquerade and fog our true purpose in life. Our number one goal in life is to live TRUE to God. Nothing must be above that. Fuel on God and Live your Life through Jesus and you will receive all that you desire (and of what he desires of you).

How often are you worrying about your weight loss? Are you tired of the perpetual cycle of yo-yo living with your food/fitness? Now I ask you- "have you ever put God first?" have you asked him for help in your journey toward Great Joy & Vitality?" I want you to do that. Pray and ask the lord Jesus Christ to wash away all the old habits and help you keep focus on him! Let God guide with a holy spirit that won't let you settle for just ice-cream, second helpings and the couch to comfort you. Let them be your Comfort. Let them Fuel you and fill you! 

Pray- Repent- Seek and you shall Receive. When the old bad habits and desires come back - take quick reflection and follow through with God and as him for Strength and courage to stick to his plan. His Plan for you is Amazing & Beautiful and he is excited for you to walk the path he wishes to lead you- Will you Listen today?

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