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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fresh Brewed Life Book Review

Fresh Brewed Life 
written by Nicole Johnson

Nicole Offers Hope for the Daily Grind! 

Not sure how I stumbled upon this book at the public library but as I glanced through the pages and read the back cover and quickly added it to the pile of Dairy of Wimpy Kid books and Disney movies ready to be checked out. 

Easy to read and hard to put down this book would entice any Christian woman to brew up some new self discovery to awaken God in their life, to others and ultimately to themselves. 

Nicole goes through and offers ideas to brew on and each reader can taken some growth from the great context.  For myself I was drawn to make journaling apart of my daily grind. I am hopeful after the read that I'll continue to brew my friendships and make time to celebrate my true friends! 

If you are looking to enrich your friendships, embrace your beauty, listen to your longings, savor your sexuality, change your world then this is a GREAT book for you to read! 

I love how Nicole offers great tips for anybody looking to refresh their daily grind with some fresh brew while subtly giving constant thanks to our Creator! 

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