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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandy Hook Virtual 5k - Raise Money & Honor

Are you Wondering How you Might be able to help the Victims Families or how you might honor the Victims of Newtown,CT in some way?

The most beautiful part about the running community is the drive to put on virtual and real life races in order to help out a cause. Runners come together and Run for Remembrance, to help raise awareness, to raise money and to honor the fallen.

I am providing a link where you can donate money to the United Way of Western CT that will give all proceeds to the Victims Families in order to help pay for funeral costs etc.

You can Run for FREE and honor anyone one of these Victims.
You can however choose to take even five, ten or twenty dollars and donate toward these families. They will need to pay for funerals, flowers, memorials, counseling and so much more. YOU can help ease a financial burden during a time when they should be concentrating on healing and getting through this very difficult time.

Please Donate Here:
United Way of Western Connecticut where all proceeds will go to victims families.

This was found via

There are OTHER ways to give- I give warning that some are not yet verifiable but I trust that United Way and this link provided by the major new station is trustworthy.

Here is a Racing Bib that you can print out and Run on 12/24- 12/25
I am choosing those days because there is NO better time to remember that these families are without loved ones right now and we need to remember them - we need to honor the victims during this time and take Deep Gratitude for our own!

Please wear this- share this- run with family, friends. Even if you just get out outside and go for a walk!

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