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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Marathon Training Week #6

Hi Friends ♥

What an Amazing Week for me. Busy as ever and I'll get right down to it!!

Family: I spent the week spoiling my children with lots more summer fun. I'm not so sure I spent a whole lot of time home this summer, we have been EVERYWHERE but home :)
More Swimming, More Play dates, More time playing everywhere, a few picnics and barbeque's a couple trips to get ice-cream, yeah- just a fabulous summer for me and my kids. Start Contrast to last summer where I just went through the emotions completely broken and trying to stay collected for my kids though I suffered so much- so it's nice to be in a new place, although not completely healed I'm almost there :)

Story Time
Still trying to read my book- not much time to read when I'm so busy with the kids but I'm loving even just one chapter at a time, lol
Pretty ♥

 a Little Pretty for my Friends Surprise 30th Birthday Party- Runnerboy and I had a great time with friends ♥

Twins Birthday Party this Weekend- Lots of Family fun & friends :) I love You Austyn & Allyssa it was such a beautiful day and we are so blessed!
 A friend asked if I was going to drop him- yeah he weighs  like 28lbs and besides I take 45lb plates and do over head raises 2 sets of 20 ;-p
 I baked the cupcakes for the party! Cute Pink Tangled ones and Cute spider man ones for Austyn!


So I was on a 3 week adventure where I went really low on carbs. Typically I'm a low carb yet high quality carb eater, but this time I cut carbs down really low (less than 60grams of carbs a day) I was eating more healthy fats and protein but I noticed my bowels changed and my energy levels were just not working for me on my running. I was experiencing heart palpitations and complete and utter fatigue on my running on anything past 4 miles. I was really still so worried for my health but truth be told I was so low I was ketonic. This is when my body finds fat to fuel as fuel instead of sugar. Truth be told I'm not sure it worked for weight loss and my body quickly reacted to any sugar I put in it. Instead of my body becoming more sensitive to insulin instead my body panicked and stored a lot of water/glycogen and suffered with huge fluctuations in my weight from 165lbs- 172 and all around for a few weeks- so frustrating so I had to let go of the extremely low carb notion. I was honestly toying with attempts to go Paleo. I read more about it and I wanted to adventure my eating toward that but I found quickly I CAN'T DO IT!  ...........can others?....I don't know- all I know for me it doesn't work. My bowels were not normal, my fiber was not high enough despite eating greens - I was seriously lacking fiber from some occasional whole grains. My energy so zapped during my running I was trying to be optimistic that my body would transition over to fat fueling but NOPE!

So where I am today? I love that I experimented. We can't go through life without risk, without trying new things to find out if there is a higher quality of life for me out there even with my food choices.Extremely low Carb eating does not work for me so I know Paleo would not work for me either. I researched paleo endurance runners and they have to eat 3000-4000 calories a day and I just cant' eat that much. I can't stomach that sort of volume, I can't obsess and think about food all day long, I can't eat every two hours and I simply can't afford to eat that many calories a day. My family already spends 1,000 a month in groceries and that's eating 2000 calorie intakes. I had many fears and questions as I took the adventure - was I eating too much saturated fat? what if all the meat I eat I was still not eating organic was I exposing myself to more toxins? Would my body be able to handle finding fuel from fat/proteins vs carbohydrates?  I got my answers and I urge to follow what's comfortable for you!

What I believe about any "Diet" is that the human body is AMAZING- it will and can adapt to however you treat it. Our body's want to survive so it makes do with however you feed it. So perhaps for some it can survive and thrive on Paleo and then for others they can survive and thrive on Vegan diets. Which ever you choose make it YOUR choice, not a convincing from others scaring you into thinking it's best to eat one way or another. I'm still learning what works for me.

My next adventure is to go more plant based, I'm now taking time to learn about Vegan lifestyles, I have researched, read a lot and I'm learning there are two distinct reasons why Vegans Love their diet, A) they believe that if you eat meat/dairy/fish etc you are in fact a Murderer. B) they do it because they heartfully believe they will be healthier and live a longer life.  If I adventure into this lifestyle it would be because it might help me live longer, lol - honestly! 
What I fear about that lifestyle- getting in enough protein - hemp/pea/soy proteins are options and they can all come in shake form. But I love eggs and I really enjoy my meat, lol- I KNOW I could live without both for a healthier life but I then fear the cost to eat this way. I am toying with the idea of going vegan for an entire week- if I did I would have to create a meal menu for all 5 of us. I'd have to plan ahead- buy it all and know exactly what we would eat. There would be no more going out. Whitney said to me today as I fed her black beans for Meatless Monday "What are you doing to me- trying to make me a vegetarian, I'm only 6 years old for crying out loud, you are taking away my childhood" .........lmao.......what? ......she's SIX - Where did she learn this crap from? I said "who said that to you" and she said "I just made it up" does she really think I'm taking away foods that she enjoys and loves like her healthier than chicken nuggets ? probably- I'd want chicken nuggets in the shapes of dinosaurs instead of black beans too! lol - These are things I think about cause this is NOT just about me- my family eats the same and it will stay that way!

Some of my Foods this week!

Instead of getting fast food for a playdate I went to the grocery store and filled up at the salad bar :)

CCRG BBQ- Grilled asparagus drizzle a little bit of lemon juice over and BAM- Yummy! Grilled chicken

Typical Family BBQ- salad/veggies/fruit/meat

seeing this again- makes me hungry! I stole a bit more chicken and had some watermelon too!

Nuts- I love em' BOOM- haha!

More CCRG snack :)

Quinoa, fresh avocado and fresh diced tomato with a pinch of basil- I LOVE, LOVE< LOVE this Dish !!

Appetizer- way stuffed but so good- Jalepeno Peppers! LowFat Mozz cheese- YUMMY


  • Monday- 45min weight lifting- 2 mile run - warm up 4x400's
  • Tuesday- Stroller Run #3 - 4 mile run - solid pace- felt good- did stop for heart palpitation
  • Wednesday-5 mile run- 4 outside and then 4x400's at 5k race pace - Weight lifting session
  • Thursday-yard work-5 mile run- more yard work- EXHAUSTED!
  • Friday- 50 minute crosstrain- stairs/elliptical
  • Saturday-2.5 mile run and weight lifting, 2 mile walk
  • Sunday-Twins Party- Rest Day- Recover from the 6 days of Moving!
  • Monday- 10 mile PR in the morning 8:15 pace and then 3 recovery miles at night

10 miles in 1:22:30 - 8:15 pace! Splits as follows
1@ 8:45 pace
2-5 @ 8:15 pace
6 @ 8:00 pace
7-9 @ 8:15
10 @ 8:00
I didn't get my long run in on Sunday- I was too tired, too much excitement with the twins, had family here late and well I knew I could do it the next day - so I did :) Best Run I've done in a long time! I am up 5lbs in bloat from yesterdays pizza/cupcake and well I felt like a bloated piggie but I still managed to run a PR for this distance- all be it by just 45 seconds- I'll take it because I just simply felt so GOOD! for run in so long where the only concern was my legs  - not my lungs/heart/energy!

Songs that Moved me this week

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  1. Your food pics make me hungry...YUM! I am not a fan of low carb or vegan diets for runners. I'm still a fairly new runner, so what do I know...but I think we need carbs/fiber and more protein than we can get from a totally plant based diet. I like that you try new things to learn what works, though...that is a great way to find your own sweet spot!