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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Twilight 5k Race Results

I ran the Twilight 5k Race today out in Canandaiqua. It's just about an hour away from my home-town. What I love about Living in Central New York is the Fingerlakes. It's Wine region although I don't drink the stuff it's still very portrait pretty and tranquil to me. The lakefronts are plentiful through the Fingerlakes. Canandaigua nestles the Northern End of Canandaiqua Lake and it's so pretty. The race started off at the Inn on the Lake and traveled down along the shore line, onto a stone path for about a mile and then back down the shore and up city pier. Very Pretty!

About 70'
Overcast with Sprinkling Rain
Couldnt ask for better, but I wished I had my visor the rain pelting on my face was not so refreshing but a tad bit of a nuisance but I'm a whiner like that :)

Clothing: Nike Girl Today :) Sorry Under Armour ;-)
Nike: Sweatband, tank, running skirt, shoes
UnderArmour- compression
Moving Comfort- Bra
Relentless bracelet
Garmin 305

Who Was I With and Why Was I running this Race?

First off I was invited by friends! I love these Peeps, they are my CCRG Runnergirls and being with them excited me and watching them run/race and to celebrate with them is very special to me!

Secondly this is for the American Red Cross and so It was a little pricey for a 5k but it's to a GREAT Cause. My Ally needed blood transfusions while in NICU for 9 weeks and so I appreciate and value those that give blood for the American Red Cross for All they do for that and our World ♥

Here I am with my Runner Family!

Nitty Gritty:

7pm Race- pre-fuel  was dinner at 3:30, granola at 6pm with hydration- boom coffee!
Still not enough, I forgot my banana in the car. Who cares, not sure it would of made a difference - fueling properly that is? maybe? likely not.......

Warm-up - one mile throwing in a speed burst or two to open up into the 7min pace, off to the start line!

Mile 1: BOOM! I'm Off- I feel UH-MAZING :) :) :)  7:08  Split- Oh Shit, Connie you went out too fast, must slow it down- by this time we are on the foot path through the trail........slowing down was easy for me, always easy, lol.  I wanted to go out hard and fast and see if I could hold it, by far this is my fastest first mile in a 5k race ever.......I always start off fast and by fast today I'm talking the first 1/4 mile I looked down I was still in the 6:15 pace ////////// ZOIKS //////////  Pulled it back and fell into the 7:20 pace that I wanted but as you'll see in Mile 2 I started to fumble.

Mile 2: I'm feeling the pain of setting out too fast at about 1.4-1.6 and I'm starting to breath really wrong as I try to slow down and then I slow down TOO MUCH- then I start to crumble physically. Spent, Tired, Not breathing right, setting into a stitch and feeling TIRED and then I'm like DAM THIS SUCKS! I'm slowing WAY DOWN................SPLIT Time: 15:02

Mile 3: I'm FRIGGIN' DYING- What the hell happened? I want to walk, I want to walk SO BAD, I'm saying "don't frigging do it Connie" slow down, control your breathing, just keep shuffling and I was bonking on a 5k in which I've never done before. Don't walk, Don't walk, Don't walk, I can't breathe, my side stitch sets in, my body DRAINED, Energy? I need E N E R G Y ! No Wait I need to walk, I need Oxygen, I want the finish line, shoot, I have to run down this pier and back before the finish line....NO! Then I see Runnerboy and family- I blow them kisses and Runnerboy throws his hands into the air with a "WTF" and I'm like :( I suck ..............I am so sad he did that to me. Was In front of the pack? No- but I was not that far behind, lol- asshole! ASSHOLE! There I feel better :) Nah, I lectured him - I told him I want a "Go Honey, Push, dig you got this" lol-  I told him next time meet me at the finish line, I felt terrible for feeling terrible cause his disappointment crushed me :(  Despite his temporary douche bag moment, Runnerboy just wants his RunnerGirl to Win the Race, lol. He doesnt run like me, he never physically frumps in a run and so it's hard for him to understand. It's odd to me cause I rarely mentally give in, it's always a physical fight to give everything I have. He never crashes like I do, so I wonder what I do so differently? Anyways he is a super husband and he tended to our 3 lil children for hours all for me, he loves me wants me to do my best, just sorta comes out wrong ;p


Total 5k Time- 24:25

So where is my head? I'm SICK that my splits are so dam bad. But what I have to keep trumping my negative side is the notion that I'm NOT 5K TRAINING RIGHT NOW.....I'm in Marathon Training. Besides a small 4x400 speed drill the other day I have NOT done a 5k Speed Work-out in two months! Two Months!  I spent time working my Half Marathon Pace and now working on Getting my Distance back as I'm now in Week 5 of Training for another Marathon. So Chill out is what I tell myself!

It hurt like Hell. I finished and my throat was killing ,my jaw line in so much pain from clenching from trying to hold onto some sort of a finish. Wildly disappointed in my fatigue .......but I have to move on!

 Here is Great News! I Won First Place in my Age Group 30-34 :) Yep!!!! Worst 5k Time in a Year and still managed To win a First Place Medal for my Boom Shelf :) ♥♥

1st in Age Group 30-34
58th out of 508 Runners
(Excuse me Runnerboy- see those stats ↑↑↑) Not too shabby, next time you throw your hands up in the air at me, you'll walk an hour home :)

Here I am making a Wish! No, lol- bad photo but my only one getting my picture taken after getting my first place medal :)

My Peeps Always love my Winning ♥

" It's Only My Body" Austyn's Words kept me Running! I love him!

No matter my pace, or how I fumbled, I ran with all my heart today and that what matters to me ♥


  1. You did great! It maybe wasn't the race you wanted, but you ran 5k faster than anyone else in your age group - not to be sniffed at! This puts you in a fabplace for the marathon, so focus on that!

  2. You are amazing. The splits look just like mine :)

  3. WOOH!!! Nice one Connie!!!! :)

  4. Congratulations Connie, and thank you for coming out! I'll send you the picture we took so you can have that too. Thanks again for joining us in our first year!