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Monday, July 9, 2012

Marathon Training Week #3

Hello Peeps!

My Week has been so Great! Packed full of Family Fun in the Sun, Adventures doing so much with my kids! Nothing super crazy or expensive but very typical kid stuff, more playgrounds, more swimming, some shopping and dining out.  I was feeling this week a bit drained as was feeling really desperate for some alone time or something to break up the stress from taking care of my kids and home every day. I never get any time alone. I'm sure stay at home moms can attest to what I'm about to confess. I don't pee or poop to myself (yes I'm constantly interrupted even in my most private times!) I don't get to shower to myself and when I do I'm interrupted but truth be told I'm always constantly showering a kid or all 3 with me during the week! LOL- Hey it happens!
I never sleep alone, we always wake up being shoved, kicked off the bed by a kid, or two and there has been times when I wake up to all 5 in the king size bed. By Golly I just go to the couch for some dang space, lol. My kids eat before me, they get seconds before I get my firsts. I clean and turn around and need to clean all over again. Let's just say that I get a lil worn out. I love my family. I am blessed. I am very grateful but when there comes a moment when I lose that gratitude and I feel myself acting unlike myself ( I bark at the kids or I'm grumpy more than I should) then I know I need some alone time. A break for myself beyond my running even! Used to be a time when I could run and it was my free time but I feel as I've been running for years it's just not enough me time. So after many discussion and I will confess two mini meltdowns to runnerboy we are going to be making more time for just me and for him too. We both need that. We need more time alone, more time together and even more time with each kid individually!

My Fitness this week: I am feeling good- my allergies still bothering me - I get moments of sinus clarity and it's like "I have free clear sinus" and then bam it's goes back to some weird stuffy state. it's getting better...S L O W L Y......My legs feel good, I have had some knee pain but I was mindful to stretch more!

Monday-Rest/Recovery after Sunday Long Run

Tuesday-5 mile tempo- mile one @ 8:58 Miles 2-4 at 8min pace and mile five at 9min pace

Wednesday-Unexpected Rest Day

Thursday- 5 Miles -  Splits: Mile 1&2 at 8:15 pace. Mile 3&4 at comfy 8:30 pace and the last mile I ran at my 5k pace 7:20- almost puke factor at the end of this one :) Avg Pace 8:10

Friday- Double Work-out Day
Morning- Run/Elliptical cardio hit interchanged with my weight lifting routine- throw in push up sets and planks (1 hr work-out)

Night-  6 mile Run Next to Kelly for her 24 hr Run!!

Saturday-Rest Day

Sunday- 13.1 Half Marathon Training Run - Felt so good and was keeping it comfy for my long runs aimed for 9min pace and held that till about mile 9 and then I faded- my legs are still getting used to this long run thing, lol- ended in 2:01 still a decent time considering it's been 3 months since I've ran this distance!

I am eating lighter this week, trying to trim back some and working with my distance :)

Here are some Random CCRG Eats this week!

BBQ Chicken Salad- I tossed some thawed frozen corn
onto the salad with tblsp natural rance with a 3-4oz grilled chicken with natural bbq sauce- so Good!

Natural Tortellini with chicken sausage - happy dinner!

These are So Tasty!
Grilled Zuchinni Bites with Feta Crumbles
Organic Tomato diced
Spritz of Olive oil - bake to warm !

My Summer Fave I make it as often as I can
Grilled Zuchinni....yummy! take advantage
of the summer produce!

Even when I dine out I make healthy choices
This is Avocado Chicken Sandwich on Whole Wheat
Side is NOT french frys but a veggie typically
I wanted Cucmbers today :)

 My Friend and her Husband held a MMA Party. Don has been learning 3 forms of Mixed Martial Arts for the last few months and his sensai and his wife (my friend!) threw a Luau Party and we all had a great time! They are great people and the world needs more like them ♥
Lisa has Lost alot of weight and became a RunnerGirl and she ran BoilerMaker 5k one year after her first! So Proud of her Life Change! She works Full Time as a Sargeant in Corrections, is a wife and Mommy and is also learning MMA from her Husband- Sensai and is my Lil' Boom!

She Brings out my Naughty! bwahaha!

Sargeant Cole Punishing me with situps on a Hill- must be she did not like her spank? Don't let her fool you- she did! lmao!
Boom! Even a lil drunk I still managed to crank them out!

My Kids ♥

I'm laying out on the beach and I look up and this is what I saw, bwahaha- "Mom- Please"

Kelly Ran 24hrs on a Treadmill and I got to run next to her!

I want to share about Kelly! She is an ultra runner and Running Coach! I met her at my Certification Class and even one state over we learned we are neighbors and lives just one hour from in Rochester, NY!
She sent me an e-mail telling me about this Ultra Run she was planning!

She ran 24hrs on the treadmill = 106.49 Miles! 13:30 pace!

 All to raise Money and people could run next to her but you had to pay for spot and that I did along with another CCRG - Jan ♥ Thank You Jan for your donation!

6 miles I ran next to this Amazing & Inspiring Woman!

Please it's never too late to donate, let Kelly Know that the world is thankful for her sacrifice and her amazing story and that it helped to give to a company to which she has worked for 19 years!  Heritage Christians Foundation where they provide Quality care to adults with MR/DD . What a beautiful Gift Kelly! You are so Beautiful and my Life has grown that much more just knowing you and in sharing just one hour with you in your 24hr journey was a true pleasure of mine!
Keep Inspiring!

Please Consider Donating here ↓

Here is Kelly Finish up her 24hr Run! Be Inspired and for me I cried- so Touching!

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