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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to Eat Indulgently without Fear

Do You struggle to eat an Indulgent meal or treat without fear?

Fear of resorting back to old habits? Perhaps it's fear you won't have control to stop eating that same food? Fear you will want that same treat again later on and it will trigger that sweet tooth you fight so hard to take control of! Fear that the sugar cravings will return?

All of this so legitimate! It's all so REAL and I won't downplay the utter importance of being READY to  bring back trigger foods into your food intake again.

First and foremost controlling indulgence is a key step in weight loss and weight maintenance! You can't grasp this prepare to Yo-Yo!

Here are My Rules:

1) Only Treat Yourself if you first have control over your eating! You Can NOT control your food if you don't have control over your emotions! You must give yourself roughly 2 weeks without an indulgence to really value your attachment indulgent eating.

2) Bring back that Indulgence with Moderation!
 a) Once a Week - ONCE (a meal, a snack) this is not an entire day permission slip!
b) That indulgence is not only monitored in the number of times you eat it in your week but also in the quantity! So you love Chocolate Cake? So you ONE pc of chocolate cake! NOT 2 or 3 etc.

3) You Control the Quantity by ordering or making only a specific amount. You want chocolate cake? Dine out and order a serving! Go to a local baker and order just One of your favorites! Trust Me it's very economical to purchase a 2.00 pastry vs buying and making a .99 cent cake mix with 2. dollar frosting and oil and eggs and gas/electricity oven to bake it! Then you are left with a whole pan of Cake or cupcakes, now what? You can't freeze Cake, lol- Now if you choose to bake a healthy treat you can gift some away, you can hopefully package and freeze some for later in your month, etc.

4) Cognitive Thought Control- Enjoy Your pc of cake. Don't be abnormal in your thinking. Of course it tastes good.  Tell Yourself that it's ok to once in a while have an indulgent treat. Remind Yourself that you have control. You have planned for this treat, you have modified old behaviors so that this treat is controlled and moderated.

5) After Your Treat I want you to remind yourself promptly that you had control. You win the game against the temptations for slice two. You will further enjoy the next indulgence just the same! Maybe same time- same place next week! That is Ok! There is Nothing wrong with enjoying a treat once in a while as so long as you control yourself.

6) Find new ways to Eat Healthier Versions of previous unhealthy choices for meals and treats and learn to modify your taste buds so you can enjoy them with the same satisfaction as before!

More Tips & Random Rules:

  • Only Buy or make what you can eat!
  • Once your treat is gone - drink water to cleanse the taste of your mouth
  • Chew Gum after your treat
  • Take Your Time eating your treat. If you eat it too fast you will not enjoy the insatiable taste you enjoy so much
  • Enjoy a treat ONLY after you have eaten a meal. Just because you have not had an indulgent snack in 2 weeks and you're in the gas station check out and purchase a big chocolate processed doughnut is not the same idea as planning ahead mentally for your treat. You must follow these rules to maintain control!
  • Order something and split with someone! Share People!
  • Make sure it's worth it! If you don't really LOVE doughnuts then don't eat them! Save it for savory pc of pie instead if that's what  you really want! Think of how many times you eat a snack and you don't really like it - you just ate it cause it was available and sorta tastes good (hey sugar is sugar!)
  • Plan ahead with your grocery list. Identify before you go grocery what will be the ONLY ONE thing you will Idulge on for a Meal and a Snack ONCE that week!
  • STOP NOW the 100 calorie treat packs and daily indulgances. It's time to break the cycle with the notion that you need or DESERVE? the Idulgant snack or meal every single day! No way- eating this way slows your weight loss, keeps you emotionally attached and can send you into mindless or binge eating.
  • Instead of always aiming for super sweet foods you learn to Indulge on Less Refined sugars in totality to help further curb your cravings and I promise you aftera  while some of those sweets might just be "too" sweet!

I promise you if you can follow these rules you will learn to Not be So Afraid of Food and Learn that moderation that is so Vital to LifeLong Weight Loss Management!

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  1. Wow, this is a great post. Thanks so much for all the advice. I am 100 lbs into a 200 lb weight loss. I am at a place of great struggle, but HAVE TO persevere!!