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Monday, July 23, 2012

Marathon Training Week #5

Hi Peeps!

Time for my weekly check in and this one will be pic heavy!

Celebrated with my twins 4year photo shoot this past week. Next Week they turn 4 and I'm so excited to keep watching them grow. They age and my life gets a little bit easier. They tend to understand more rules, become wildly independent and continue to learn to know better ;-)
We continue to do all the wonderful Summer Fun Stuff- Swimming, play dates, playgrounds, dining out, etc. This week we focus a bit more on home play in our backyard, more eating at home and doing some school work, this week we did none! Whitney already knows she will be writing a report, reading a whole book and we bought flash cards to keep working on her Math! Ally has had a Much better Week.....OMG! Thank You God! Thanks for all those that sent me loving support in the manner xx

Here are pics of my twins and family fun times :)
Playdates into the sunset

First Time on roller skates!

He was so slick on skates, first time and so confident I saw him going backwards, lol-

Easier to sit? get up silly girl!

I spent alot of my childhood here, I threw on skates and went for a circle and being thin maybe made the difference but being on skates for the first time in probably 20 years was like riding a bike, you never forget! I spent alot of time roller skating as a child/teenager so it was a fun experience to bring my kids here ♥

RunnerBoy and I ♥

What a whack, I love him- I actually love this picture cause it shows his personality!

Pretty Princess     ♥

4 year Birthday Photo Shoot :)

Block Party at my sisters house for a bit :)

Twins Did their first race and here are a few pics and if you look under my facebook I have an open photo album to the others :) Twins ran 1/4 mile walked/run a half mile and then the last 1/4 mile they finished running. One mile race done in 14:24 and Whitney ran hers in 10:14 I believe! She got 3rd place age group! Boom! They collected medals and now Trophy's!

My Foods:

My eating has been clean and Great :) I ate out a few times this week, more than I should have but I vowed to eat at home all week this week!! I made fabulous choices but hidden sodium happens and so does the choice of products when I eat out that might have hidden stuff in it that I don't eat like High Fructose corn syrup etc. So Healthy choices but likely NOT Clean per say!
My choices this week were simple and plain and here is just a couple pics from this weeks food I took for you all :)

Tip: I gut my bread rolls! I also will eat extra protein on the side!

Finished product!

Typical Lunch all week- salad & fresh fruit :)


Monday- crosstrain / weight lifting

Tuesday-  6.2 miles (double run day- 3 mile speed session in the morning, stroller run in the evening)

Wednesday- Rest to be fresh for 5k race

Thursday- 1 mile warm up- 5k race

Friday- 12 mile long run- squeezing it on on runnerboys day off , my abs killed my on the 5k yesterday and the legs burned out at mile 12, did a one mile walk home after the 12. Did this obviously in an easy pace-

Saturday- Rest- Quads need rest- they hurt! Am I Marathoner? My legs really need to remember, lol

Sunday- 5 mile tempo- left quad very sore, stretched mid way through and I felt better overall but quads still spent but still had excellent tempo for a street one!

I won first place in my Age Group on my 5k
I was 58th out of 508 runners
18th Female of 283 Females
Here is my Race Blog Entry

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