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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wide Awake - Now it's clear to me KP

I suppose I ought to be in bed but very typical stage for me a week after my period to hit my Insomnia stage, the point where it becomes 3am and I lay here in bed with my demons.

Pre-Race Jitters, might as well talk about that. I'm not so sure if I like Racing. Sure it's fun to win if I'm up for the challenge to beat myself.  In it to be others is not at all that fun, actually the pressure to perform better than my last time sorta chews me up and spits me out. But at the same time I get these same pre-race jitters no matter my distance or race. If I'm going to be Wearing a Bib I get nervous, lol- training is much more fun to me! *skiddishly* chuckling* :/

Yeah, so there you you have it! all I think about is fueling for a 7pm race, thinking about the assurance that I warm up with a mile ideally and throw in some speed bursts and stretch before the start to just give me a shot and doing decent for an evening 5k.

Fun Run Connie, Fun Run......Yeah Right I want to Vomit thinking aboug how hard it's going to be to run that fast, lmao. As If I'm kenyan and doing some 4min pace or something! Jeesh - my friends run my 5k pace in a dam marathon, I ought to calm down! Gah!

Ideally sub 23.....would Love  22:59 OR LESS......7:23 PACE...c'mon sounds easy enough :)

Just want to sleep and all that haunts my thoughts as I lay here in desperation is this dam song.

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  1. GOOD LUCK!!! :) I have a race this weekend too and just thinking about it makes my stomach feel woozy