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Monday, July 16, 2012

Marathon Training Week #4

Hi Friends! I can get used to this weekly update stuff, can you? I like putting it all together and I hope that I don't bore people like last year with my daily antics and thoughts :)

Instead let me talk about my Food & Fitness & Family and then Move along with some much needed Sleep!

Family: I had a really great week with my kids. Although much like last weeks tangent about needing some alone time, I feel happy to report no such feelings this week. We did have an Ally meltdown after a really great family day and that was tough and then she threw a 2 hr fit the day after that included her biting herself in the arm and me playing the 2hr power struggle to keep her in time-out for her HORRIFIC meltdowns that almost daily toxify our happy existence here at home. We are working on getting connected with a family counselor so we can learn to cope with her better. It's really very tough on me, very hard on our family and her brother/sister are often punished in some way from their sister crazy meltdowns. She screams, spits, kicks, pinches, throws stuff, steals stuff from her siblings and bites in the midst of acting like a lil devil. Which is so not always typical, basically happens when she doesn't get exactly what she wants, when she wants it. Her whining and crying are constant, even for 4yrs old it's been happening since she was a baby! She is cute though- lol

We took the kids to the Amusement Park, Swimming at the Lake, Swimming at the Pool, Playdates and kept them busy!

Amusement Park Fun! We hit the Water Slides and then the Rides. My Kids First Trip to an Amusement Park!!! What's nice is to have them at the age where our family can start enjoying activities like this! Costly but Priceless!

Sunset Swimming after the BBQ at the lake!

More Pool time Fun!

Food: Food has been great all week. I have cut back on indulgences and I'm looking to lean out. I have not got back to my routine with lifting weights as often as I would like (3x weekly) and with my attempts to get my distance back I'm hoping to toss a couple of pounds that snuck on me. Not Much weight gain but more or less I kept eating like I was running long distance and lifting 3x weekly and simply put with my mileage in half and my weight lifting routine at just once weekly my metabolism changed. So I was maintaining around 2200 calories for my fitness "then" and with the change this number made me gain a couple lbs over the course of 12 weeks. It's why I weigh myself every week or two to see if anything changes or creeps  up on me. I'm just going to focus on clean eating and high protein, complex carbs and reducing my indulgences. I won't lie my appetite is mega suppressed - I got my period this week to play with hormones and appetite. I always lose my appetite after I get my period. Anyone else like this? Only rarely do I get munchy but mostly just no desire to eat when it gets here. It has impacted my recovery this week and my energy levels on my fitness routines. I keep trying to force myself to eat. the great part about being disconnected with food is my lack of desire to eat - however my body needs fuel I force it and it's still not enough. If you have been following me for a long time you also know I get RAVENOUS cravings for carbs when my Pcos is going crazy on me. So I try to just go with the flow, force myself to eat now and maybe in a  few weeks I'm trying my damnest to control the cravings, ggrr! Welcome to MY life!
Here are some Meal Ideas for you- Remember I'm simple, clean and easy!
Grilled chicken, mixed steam veggies, 1/4 cup pasta

Grilled Chicken Salad

Turkey Avocado Sandwich and Yummy Salad- at this at Panera Bread- wished I asked ahead of time for whole wheat! I didn't think about it and slice of white wont kill me time to time, lol

A fave! Steak & onion/pepper/bbq sauce Home-Made Pizza!
Grilled chicken breast with a side of Sweet potato where I topped with walnuts and drizzle of pure maple syrup

Chicken Sausage, 1/4 cup cous cous, spinach and my fave- squash ♥


Monday-Mega one hour crosstrain/run with runnerboy along with weight routine
Tuesday-BootCamp Class - loads of lunges, hill sprints- after 2.5 mile run with my family
Friday- 4 miles
Saturday-3 miles- 95'degrees mid evening run- wretched humidity-
Sunday- Failed ten miler- split it into two separate runs. I got 5 miles in and couldn't run a step more- first time this has ever happened to me. I had to walk a mile home. Then I went to the lake and bbq with family- had to rehydrate I lost over 3lbs of water on that small 45min 5 miler. Just as soon as I got home at 10pm I got into my Ninja Night Gear and in the dark quiet of the Sunday Evening Night here in the city I cranked out 5 more miles. Almost as tough - must be my body - this felt a little easier but I also kept the pace ridiculously comfy- 9:30's just to get it done!  10 mile run, one mile walk- done! Here I am defeated .......

Half the sweat dried off on the mile walk home..... I know for a fact my hydration was normal and I further know that my fueling was minimal today- I blame my fueling for this run.

 We are Training for a Half Marathon with the Kids- We will do it in September. Here we are on the first of many weekly runs to get in our stroller training. I think my kids are going to be just fine in the stroller for 2hrs my only run prayer for race day for all 5 of us- NO RAIN!

Real Quickly I want to mention that I'm running a 5k this week and going for a 14 miler. 5k Race with Friends on Thursday. Not sure what to expect- it's a 7pm race. I want to push hard and whatever my time is- then so be it. PR's are Great but not always practical because of race times, etc. Then on Friday I get in my Long Run for 14 and hope to be out the door early to beat the heat!

Lastly I started Reading Dean's Book (UltraMarathonMan) 
and it's amazing already- just 4 chapters in!
 I don't want to put it down but I don't get freedom to read and stuff but I'm trying!


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  1. Love reading about how you are doing Connie!

    Hope you get those tantrums sorted. I worked with school aged children with behaviour difficulties so I know how tough it is to deal with. Having a plan, that you and Don can rigidly stick to will help define boundaries for Ally. Get help, talk to professionals - listen to their advice. Good luck x x