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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Running to lose weight

Many people want to learn to run so that they can quickly lose weight. It is one of the best cardiovascular activities you can do to strengthen your cardiovascular, respiratory and circulatory  systems.  There are all these amazing health benefits that comes from exercise in general but Running is sort of special sport. There are no teams, there are no real costs involved with giving it a real try. You absolutely never have to ever get competitive (although I'm sure you will find you will love competing against yourself!) There are not a whole lot of risks in comparison to other contact sports. You can learn and love to run no matter your age, height, size, shape etc. It's an all around for everybody sport! Running is part of most sports and can be sustained after schooling/college for most people!

How Much Weight can you lose from running? That number depends on two very important factors, A) How often/much you run B) Your Eating habits

Do not be fooled with thinking that just running alone will make you lose weight. You must change the way you eat in some way! You must not fall into the traps of overcompensating for calories burned. Your body will say "feed me" but you must learn to resist the temptation to not eat more than you burn throughout your day. This is something I specialize in so give one of my programs a try.

If I can tell you that you can learn to run and lose weight by simply cutting back your food to a calorie intake set up just for you and then you run just 3x weekly with a cross training day then I'm sure you'd take me up on that!

You will never need to run half marathons or even full marathons to shed a lot of weight. I will never lead you to believe that going that sort of distance is the only way to major weight loss. You can most certainly almost always run 3miles 3-5x weekly and lose an extreme amount of weight.  I have very specific but easy ways to teach you how to fuel to be Fit and to lose!

Generally you can quantitatively guess that you could be burning about 100-140 calories per mile depending on many factors. You will burn more the heavier you are and the longer you run, you will burn a less per mile if you are quicker and lighter. Why? People that are already fit and of healthy bmi learning to run just don't have the same burn as someone who is overweight/obese and learning to run- they take more energy to get the job done. Fit people's metabolisms are very efficient and very smart!

So if you run 3x weekly and a brand new over weight runner you could lose about 450 calories on a 3 mile run (even if you walk some!)

Now Times that by 3 days of this each week = 1350 Calories.

Now Lets take that calorie deficit and let's take away 500 calories away from each day with your eating and now you 3500 Calorie Deficit!

3500+1350= right around 1.5 lbs per week weight loss.

So maybe you were eating 2200 calories a day and now you have to eat 1700 and run 3x weekly but in time you will start a new lifestyle of moderation and running that can sustain you for weight loss and healthier living! 

Think You are Ready to Lose Weight from Running?

*Now Let me Put a Cherry on top of this for you*

Becoming a Runner I promise you will become way more than just "losing weight" while you it. Think about how most runners seem "obsessed" or "addicted" and ponder to yourself with gleeful curiosity as to why you think that might be? Trust me we all don't feel good when we started and there surely days when it still doesn't come very easy but.......
It's about what running does for your Soul. What it does for your mental well being. Taking Gratitude for being apart of beautiful community of people. Embracing how great it feels to have the blood flowing through your body so intensely. It's purifying, washes away the physical and mental toxins from your life. It's euphoric what is found out there on the road with yourself. A gift I want you to experience!

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