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Monday, May 21, 2012

Running, I love & miss you

I have not run in 3 days. I had plans for a 16 miler on Sunday- but getting sick and vomiting for 4hrs was exactly what I did instead (Yes, before my graduation!....ugh)

So a miserable 20 mile week, holey crap last week was a miserable 17, my running has really gone down the drain the last two weeks and it's totally not my fault. Life is busy, My 17 mile week was all about recovery from Mountain Goat. Every since I have a nagging ache in my right hip, back and flexor- mostly bothersome only when I lay down at night. But I tried to really be positive that even though I had not run in 3 days that maybe in the big picture of REST was good for my hip. I Looked up my running stats and it had been since my knee tendinitis and trying to recover at the end of November since I had a 3 day break. So well over 6 1/2 months ago!

So today I ran about 80 degrees- nice breeze. I loved being out there, I couldn't push past a 8:30 pace if I wanted to- but I averaged just about 9min miles for 4.5 miles. when I was out there running, I was not trying to set records or get all crazy- I just wanted to enjoy my miles and this is for my friend that is not running right now- injury sucks and I'm praying for you *wink* you were with me on my run today and I'm sending you healing prayers xx

then I came home, ate dinner quick (poultry sausage, steamed broccoli, couscous) then I went to the gym and did a 50min weight lifting routine and then up to the treadmill for an attempt at another run and did 2 hill repeats and Yeah- um not feeling it! HARD running 5% grade at 9min pace- trying to step up my hill pace - but I'm just empty after my run/strength training so 1.25 miles done and then a hop over to the stairclimber for 5minutes and then hit up some ab crunching for 5minutes.

I spent the entire day cleaning this house. it was as if a BOMB exploded in it being sick and graduating Sunday meant nothing clean which was BAD news cause Saturday I had a yard sale and charity function and a dine out which meant not cleaning that day- so I had two days of pure helly nasty mess to clean. And I just didn't clean to pick up today- I actually cleaned so much that I mopped floors and scrubbed the tub for 20min......I cleaned for well over 6hrs today............

How am I not passed out right now? SNOOZE...............


Egg/egg white, whole wheat toast
all natural pb
all natural jam
whole wheat bread
greek yogurt
poultry sausage, steamed broccoli, cous cous
weights/run/stair climber/abs
apple/protein shake recovery
snack: air popped popcorn/dark chocolate mins on top

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