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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Are you Ready to Learn to Run?

Do you want to learn to run?

Why? I want you to ask yourself what your goal is.

•Establish a Fitness routine
•Heart Health
•Cardiovascular endurance
•To feel Good
•To be/feel like an Athlete
•To look athletic
•To be Strong
•To lose weight
•Everyone is running these days and I have to join the race fun!
•If people can get addicted and love it so much I have to see what the hype is all about!

How about all of them?!

What are your Fears/Concerns

•I weigh too much
•I'm afraid I'm going to hurt myself
•I don't have the time
•I am not strong enough
•I have not lost enough weight yet
•All runners are thin I won't look right running
•It's going to be to uncomfortable
•I don't know where to start
•I don't know what to wear
•I don't know what shoes I need
•I don't have the time to run
•I have kids and so I can't run
•Everyone will stare at me running
•My lungs burn, My legs hurt, I have shin splints, I side stitch
• I can do it but I just don't like how I feel and it's not fun or comfortable
•People tell me it's bad on my knees and joints
•I have vulnerable knees

If you are reading this it tells me you are thinking about learning to run. Maybe there are a lot of different reasons why you are thinking of joining us (muwahahaha) I promise if you commit to 5k training plan that I can get your running and enjoying it. But what I would need you to do is fully commit to learning to run. Be willing to wash away all those fears/doubts. Let's forget the negative self esteem that stops you from becoming the athlete/runner that is tucked away inside of you!

No excuses, you need to run/walk at least 3x week and follow the plan. It's not going to be easy but it's going to be worth it! The plan starts off modest and you listen to your own body and it's cues on when to run and when to walk. I will be asking you push through all the discomfort, gather your composure and push through.
5min warm up- increase your heart rate
Start your run/walk interval for 20min. - Run and walk only when you must. In your walk you are gathering your breath and letting your hear rate settle a little bit- when you have composed your body you begin the run again. Interval like this and you will gain strength!
5min cool down- end with a cool down walk and then stretch.

My Plan is on the Learn to Run Tab here on the Blog!

Running is very much mental sport. I need you to wash away the fears and doubts. You will NOT hurt your self running large/overweight/obese. I will ask you to listen to your body and stop running if you are in "pain" not if you are achy/sore (these are normal) Pain however is NOT normal. But very rarely do overweight/obese runners learning to run ever encounter problems. If you are concerned drop me a message and I could help guide you to either your doctor for further evaluation or just recommend RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) You are going to ache. You may feel stiff, tight, sore and achy. VERY NORMAL- just think you are doing something you likely have not done in a long time or even EVER! Wow- EPIC! Can Running cause Injury? Yes it can. But I want you to focus on the run a great recovery and strength training your quads will protect your knees and you can still run with weak knees- talk to your doctor but strength training the quad muscle can take the blow/impact from the pounding pavement. You can always learn to run on a track and lessen the impact of the pavement. You can find very cushioned shoes to help you out too!

You are so Worthy of the Right to Run- Stop boxing yourself in. You can run if you want. No one is judging you like you judge yourself. I tell all my RunnerGirls that when I look at new runners I see Promise, Hope, Excitement for them. I don't ever judge someone for being fit and in the gym- not EVER! I am proud of them- I'd be proud of you! Who knows maybe I'd come up to you and say "Great Job- keep going and don't ever stop!"
*Yes I LOVE doing that to strangers :)*

Find the time- Take your kids to the track and run small circles for a set period of time- Take them on a stroller walk and start your run while you push (Mommas do this all the time) WOW AND LET ME JUST SAY.....If you do this you will be SO STRONG when you actually run without pushing them you will feel like you have Wings! It will be that much easier for you! If you have to get up early to get the run done- please do that. If you have to do it late at night- please do it. You CAN find time. I shudder at you Mommas that hand me excuses. I have a set of toddler twins and a 6 year old- I MAKE/FIND time- so can you! You are priority! You will be a healthy and fit Mother and you will gift to your children the BEST YOU Possible, Wow what a blessing that will be for them ♥

What do you need to start running?

1) Mental commitment - we just talked about, you decided to become a Runner- there is NO going back now- you are FOREVER CHANGED!

2)Running shoes- Get fitted at fleet feet- they have a great return policy- and they check to see if you pronate and what sort of stability you might need for your running shoes. So Important. If you don't have a fleet feet or you are out of country please start googling running stores and find a company that will analyze you. So important. Try your shoes- if you have shin splints- buy shoes and trade them in till you don't! Ok- shoes are 95% culprit of shin splints (personal opinion and I believe it to my core) Find a shoe that is working- stick to it! Don't wear them but only when you run! Ok- no street use, we don't need to wear them out early. They are costly (about $75-$100) so make them last! You can run about 300-500 miles for each pair *but not if you wear them in your everyday use, cut that in half!*

3) Gear- Try to find some great Running gear like Under Armour ;-) they wick the sweat, keep you cool and dry! I want you to afford a pair of compressions they are just $20-$25 and they will help you run smoother (prevents thigh rubbing and belly bouncing) Find a good sports bra - and purchase at least one running shirt from Under Armour. I will confess to you right now I ran 700 miles in ONE OUTFIT. I washed it everyday! I was losing weight and I couldn't afford nor mentally handle spending a lot of money on running clothes I'd hope I would eventually grow out of! Wicking socks important too!

4)Start the Running Plan! Yep just that easy- just get out there and Protect your house!

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  1. Hello, I read this entry yesterday and I swear it felt like you were talking directly to me. I thought about all day yesterday and first thing this morning. Saying I am terrified of running would be an understatement but I feel more confident simply by reading this. I am about 100 lbs overweight and you addressed all my concerns with realistic solutions. Thank you for writing this and helping me to see that its possible. I plan to go get some compression shorts because belly giggle is the worst and then start on week 1. Thanks again!! :)