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Monday, May 14, 2012

Manic Mondays- My Fave!

I love Manic Mondays ♥

Oh they are always Manic because I'm always eager to start a new week! I always have a million percent enthusiasm for a new week!

Here's My Day & Food

8am- egg over wheat toast/coffee

9am-10:30 - 3 mile run in 23:18 and then strength training for biceps/triceps- oh it burned so good! Then I did two intervals. Both half mile each and one was at 6:50 pace and the other 6:40 pace.

10:30 Banana- water

11:15- 12:45- Weeding, shoveling, raking- yardwork- good hard work!

Lunch: Protein shake, All natural pb, natural jam on whole wheat

2:45- 4:15- MORE Yardwork-

Fuel: 20 oz electrolyte drink/ apple

4:30-5:15- c25k training and one of the runnergirls ran the WHOLE 3.1!!! 38:30 and I'm so proud of her- I love training new runners ♥

5:30 - Dinner- grilled chicken, grilled zucchini, 1/2 avocado , 2 cups of fresh strawberry's

9pm- greek yogurt, slice of wheat, 1 oz all natural no preservative turkey slice, tsp of lowfat mayo and fresh spinach

snack: popcorn

GREAT News- I passed My Math Final~!!!!!!!!!!!!! 84! BOOM- Graduation is this Sunday! I cried and cried happy tears- RELIEF....... To talk about how much this means to me is an understatement!

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