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Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Recovery so Far

This is an update post to my Mountain Goat Race on Sunday.
Well my lovely friend showed up on Monday- fair to say after a CCRG pointed out to me at the Local c25k training program that I was walking like I had a stick in my ass! Thanks for that, lol- then to find out today apparently when I ran with a runner I looked like I was running with stick up there too. Jeesh! lol- I'm telling you what my ITB's and Quads were SORE! I am sick- I love that I can run a really strong ten and wake up the next day so sore! In the morning on Monday I did a great strength training work-out and some walking.
Tuesday- I'm DEAD to the world tired. My day consisted of hanging with my twinkies- I didn't even brush my hair or teeth- gross I know- lmao. Didn't do an ounce of cleaning either! AF was draining every ounce of life out of me. it was raining and I was just BLAH'
Wednesday- Nice 3 mile clip in 23:18 and then 4 miles on the Arc for some extra cardio without running. Quads still sore! Obliques, one set of hammer curls was not feeling like lifting so I went home-
Tonight I took some CCRG's to the school track- ran, bleacher stair repeats, knee highs, jump rope, planks, tricep dips off the bleacher- push ups off the bleachers basically I trained them for 45min and HAD A BLAST :) My Heart Happy and Confirms yet even more I'm eager to make this more apart of my life!
They did good and next time I'll push them more- I was kind I want the newbies to come back- lol
ME: Well I confess that in 1-2 weeks I tacked on 4lbs. Wow- I think cutting for the first half of April caused my body to panic and it quickly stored this weight in one-two weeks and I haven't been able to toss it since- super sucks. I didn't realize it really but I was eating out way more lately because of how busy I am. Not always perfect or clean (as in beef burgers and maybe a fry once etc) so it was like the body said "thank you" ugh. I hate the pudge/bloat feeling- now it could be hormones too- I was late again on the period so I think I am on month 2 of really bad pcos symptoms- again I'm totally thinking stress from being so busy- cortisol can do that.
So I planned ahead every meal this week so I can eat at home- I know how clean I am when I eat at home- I am making it a priority to keep my eating in check and I catch myself quickly and thankfully I do still weigh myself once in a while and I was little shocked when I saw the scale and then put it away for a week and saw it again and was like "oh its not gone- uh oh" don't like that! especially when last month I ran the most I have ever run before and half the the month I was so restricted- but I answered my own question- it was the restriction and the bounce back to maintaining that did it to me- so I'm mindful of it and never doing that again! ever again! lol Mission- back to 158-161 and how ? I am foregoing snacks and eating at home only! It's only 4lbs not a crisis. so I'm all good! Actually want to share that Runnerboy is up 6-7lbs and that is because he has virtually no cardio in 2 1/2 weeks because he has a severe torn calf muscle- so we are talking about him focusing in on cardio- he was able to run 3 miles with some calf pressure today but limped the whole evening after- true bummer! But he is eager to toss the lbs but we are both convinced we don't really notice it on each other- lol None the less I think it's why it's good to weight in once a while and no matter how long someone is maintaining that they too keep on eye on their fueling. It's very easy to have an off meal and maybe two in one week- etc. It all does add up- but I've done this in the past by mistake - just like this time- up a few lbs and then re-focused on nutrition and I balanced back out :) Lifestyle friends!

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