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Saturday, May 12, 2012

10 Miler & Update

Hello Peeps, what a WEEK!
I stopped by the other night to report my recovery- slow/hard and after today I have just 17 miles in this week and that's because I did a ten slow today. I spent yesterday and the day before very sore. I would definitely say I was on the cusp of an injury if I had to push the mileage and ignored by body.
Surely my stats for the week/month are going to be back burner with the Race happening and my taper and this subsequent recovery- but none the less to explain to you how EAGER I am to run some great running this week is an understatement.
I just need to be mindful of the right glute/hamstring/knee/itb etc. my entire right side was screaming aching for two days at me. I foam rolled and took some fish oil and ultimately some ibuprofren on day two for some relief.
Todays ten was slow and a tad pathetic feeling in comparison to last Sunday super hilly ten in a 8:30 pace where as today I mustered out ten in 9:15 pace. Mid day - Blaring Sun- I didn't run with fuel/hydration and I faded fast- I could not have gone and mile more. Ten is all I had. I'm fine with that.
I hope to run some for Mothers day- just a 30min I think - How about you, are you running on mothers day?
This evening I spent some time with the family- I'm snuggled in now to do some last minute studying- study last minute again tmrw and then brave this math final exam!
Oh and GREAT News- I weighed after a week of my period *gone now*!! and eating clean and at home- I'm down two lbs- so back to 163 :) two more! I feel the stress of my semester melting off of me! I have prepared all meals at home and I can't wait to get back to normal blogging so I can start sharing with you all again- I'll have the mental capacity and time again!
Here are some pics :)

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