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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Forgive me!

Forgive Me! ) Oh of course you do!! Cause you LUB me :)

Blogger- oh have I thought about you and wished I had the time to write everyday- but I simply don't and it won't get ANY EASIER for the next 2.5 weeks. This moment in time is exactly what the last few months have led up to for me!

I have Trained my butt off- hills and distance and I have a My Huge Mountain Goat Run this Sunday at 10am. I have trained hills and speed and distance and I feel as ready as I am ever going to be from where I was at. I'm confident for sub 9min miles to earn my bronze medal. A competition against one person that day! ME!
Runnerboy won't be running- he tore his calf muscle 8 days ago and tested it out today and it's not healed. He is very sad about this- registration has been paid for but I'm keen on him being there with me and my kids too! I am pumped for them to Celebrate with me. I want this medal desperately- its' going to show me how hard I've been training and how strong of a runner I am. Sub 1:30 time! so 1:29:55 but I *hope* to feel GREAT and Run STRONG enough to come in around 1:25!

School is coming to an end. Study, study, study, study, study. ...............I'll do my run this Sunday- have a quick lunch, quick shower and head to class to STUDY, STUDY, week later on Mothers Day- Final Exam....Week Later- Graduation! GRADU'FREAKIN'ATION!!!

So blogging is minimal- the blog is happily sustaining itself with hits of about 200-300 per day just on what is stored away for great use for runners and those looking to lose weight- feel free to browse around and read- and ask me questions...heck do me a favor- click an add that appeals you once in a while- I don't make but a few cents off of each click but maybe after a years collecting advertisement money I could pay for a 30 dollar race, lol - I go through my ads to and make sure they are about running and good weight loss stuff- no crazy diet crap! if you see it and it bothers you- let me know I'll adjust the ads- sometimes they throw in new ones!

I have been working diligently on my Under Armour Challenge stuff- making lots of videos and having fun with supporting woman over there reach their goals! It's amazing how they can inspire me!

Few updates- Ran 153 miles last month- Lost and gained the same dang 3-4lbs - but I'm strong- feel great and not caloriecounting - struggled a bit with eating at home so I didn't eat as clean as I normally do which led to the bounce back up in weight but I'm ok with that- life is just so busy- but I saw that I was doing that and changed my eating pattern and have eaten clean the last 3 days at home! at home I can control how clean and how much I have!

Just hit the over 500 mile mark! at 502 miles for the year already! Woot ! woot!

I hope you all hit your weight loss and running goals for April? Anyone here struggling and need guidance? Drop me a message~ FB is the quickest- actually It's been at least a week since I checked my e-mail so I apologize if I have not returned one yet- I'm going there next!

Please Check out my Youtube channel and link to Under Armour Stats and Hope you all still join me!

I just put up videos about haters and not having excuses and all sorts of stuff- good stuff- go check it out :)

xxx Connie

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