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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How to Eat Carbohydrates and lose weight! Your Magic Answer!

How to Eat Carbohydrates and Lose Weight- I've got Your Magic Answer!!!

NAH- NO REALLY- There is NO secret to be had.  This is really just informed learning! So really I just want to package all the information I've learned into one little space for you :)  Sorry, Yeah I'm tricky Like That ;-p

I want to teach that you it's ok to have Carbohydrates! As a Runner & Athlete (NO wait- as a HUMAN) we nutritionally need sugar to function. We simply can NOT survive on Just Protein & Fats. Our body's are made to have all 3 sources of energy!

It then becomes a matter of HOW & WHICH Carbohydrates to Eat!

Let's talk about Nutrition & Scientific Facts.  It all comes down to use of Insulin in your body. Your body uses Insulin produced by the Pancreas to regulate sugar in your blood. 

As You Eat Sugar your Insulin will rise to help stabilize the sugar in your blood (lamens- so you don't die!)

IF- your body recognizes too much sugar, your insulin increases.  If you produce too much insulin your blood sugar crashes, your body quickly turns those sugars into fat (INSTEAD OF ENERGY!). When that cycle happens and quickly what happens is you get CARB CRAZY, you body literally wants sugar. You feel Fatigue, light headed, thirsty......let the perpetual cycle begin & never end!

So what causes your blood sugar to spike quickly? SIMPLE SUGARS- Raw Sugar, white rice, white bread, white pasta. Don't be fooled these simples sugars ARE EVERYWHERE- Ok- it's in your yogurt, cereal, processed foods, ice-creams, soda pop, candy bars, pancakes, packaged oatmeal, condiments.....just look in the ingredient under Carbohydrates and what it says for "sugar" is the simple sugar inside that product. I would not be so concerned with how much carbohydrate is in the product (some of it is complex, some of it is in fact fiber). I want you to to start to learn to pay close attention to the refined simple sugars. Read Your Ingredient List and watch out for (SUGAR, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, CORN SYRUP, INVERTED SUGAR, SUGAR ALCOHOLS, SUCROSE, STARCH) If this is the top 5 of the ingredient, seriously DON'T BUY IT! 

What does NOT cause it too spike? Fruit- Vegetables. Why? They are not that complex? Well they are mixed in with fiber and that my friend helps aid in slowing down the absorption of the sugar in the food.  Of course there is moderation as well.  Do NOT be afraid of your Fruit/Veggies. You need that Nutrition that can NOT be found in just whole grains. Your body needs the Complex B-Vitamins, Anti-oxidant rich fruit/veggies to aid off oxidation that prevents heart disease and cancer and loads of other disease! That being said- I will say some vegetables and fruit are simply starchier than others and you can gradually learn about that- some pack LESS nutritional power than others can be lived without (Corn, Peas- for example really just providing some fiber, little folic acid but a tad it more starch) again- that is really diving into - but I want to keep it a little bit more simple for you at first!

So what Carbohydrates can You eat? Well you can eat every whole grain out there. The complex chain of carbohydrates takes time for the digestive system to break down and therefore the sugar inside the food is releases "slowly" so your insulin is not dumping into the body to stabilize. (WHOLE WHEAT BREAD/PASTA, LEGUMES, BEANS, FRUITS, VEGETABLES,

I just saved you $25 bucks, lol- cause that's what it costs to buy books that teach in complexity all about INSULIN RESISTANCE- GLYCEMIC INDEX EATING!

Can I be honest with you? I probably saved you way more than that! How many time are you in the check out at the store and get trapped into reading the covers of magazines trying to sell you on how to eat carbs, how to lose weight while eating carbs, how to least 25lbs in 30days, blah, blah, blah...?

I am going to link to the Glycemic Index. There are natural sweeteners you can use your baked goods, drinks that will help keep your blood sugar stable and I encourage you to start implementing some of those changes into your life!

I can NOT even express how crucial it is as a Woman with PCOS - Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome to learn how to eat as large Majority of Pcos'ers are insulin resistant. Trust me ladies you don't need to be tested, if you hold a large majority of your weight in your mid section you are insulin resistant. Don't fear it just accept it and learn to how to eat to be healthy, how to eat to lose weight!

As a Runner I need to make sugar I eat Sugar. Sugar is exactly what is stored in body muscle. That muscle needs sugar to operate until your aerobic system for energy kicks. The first 10-20mim of every work-out is being energized by your GLYCOGEN (Stored sugar in your body muscle) Once that's gone you have then hit the "WALL" ...............

This is a fantastic resource for recipes and added information and NO this is NOT just for Diabetics, I am sending you here because you truly need to start eating complex carbohydrates whether or not you are insulin or diabetic! Eating this way in fact PREVENTS both those metabolic diseases!

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  1. Love the article. Just starting to train for my first half marathon and enjoyed reading this article!