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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pre-Race Info

Just popping on to talk a little-
I spent a couple days with headaches- low grade fever- but it didnt slow me down- I had so much going on - strength training- running shopping - volunteer work- then my daily life- and balancing act is happening but I'm mentally spent- so my feedback is not where it needs to be- but I'm hanging in there- I just have a focus on like 8 thousand things right now-
Ok so this is short and sweet- I'm feeling better healthwise- my headache is gone- I had some knee pain from some leg press work I did- spiked a flair into my knee so I had to drop my 1 hr run on Thursday to 30min and that was ok- it was 80 degrees and HOTT and so I was feeling tapped with the headache and life stress- so here I am it's saturday- day two of no running - have not done this in at least 6 weeks so I'm tweaking but eager more than ever to race the Mountain Goat 10 miler in Syracuse tmrw- my knee feels good- I am however LATE again on my period- so at this point I've had some lower back pain like the wench wants to come but I hope she stays away- very truthfully I won't spend time with runnerboy because he will make her get here sooner- lmao- I'm serious- am I the only one? get intimate with your S.o. and then BAM your period is here- yeah- no thanks- I don't want the pain and such on such an important race- so staying clear of the studly runnerboy-.......OMG> BIG deal to me! bwahahah.
Ok- so here is some work I did on the UA challenge- it's keeping me busy too- I hope I balance this correctly- I want this badly - but I realize as much it's a sponsorship I need to remember I will likely not win this or be chosen so I have to keep balance and do it just for me! I want it badly for me- not to even win it but to chase my goal! 1:45 half marathon!
here is what I worked on-
Are you racing this weekend- how are you feeling- ready?
Oh and I don't think I told you Runnerboy tore his calf muscle almost two weeks ago and will NOT be running the Goat with me :(

Just Because I love this Song-

One Step Closer..............

Time stands still

beauty in all she is

I will be braveI will not let anything

Take awayWhat's standing in front of me

Every breath, Every hour has come to this

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