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Monday, January 14, 2013

Hot Bath a CCRG Secret to Weight Loss

That's Right you read me right!  A hot bath can do so much for us and the biggest plus about hot baths I found is it that it aides in weight loss! So you are thinking, how can this be?

Well for starters when you relax with a bath you relieve stress. Cortisol levels in the body come back down in the body and that stinkin' cortisol is what helps to tack on the weight. It's a hormone released when we are under stress. So finding ways to relax can actually help you not only with feeling better in your head and soul but it can really alter the body from the inside.

Next if you can tolerate a nice hot bath you actually will excite the body's metabolism to speed up to cool the body back down and if you can get beads of sweat pouring down your face then you know you are really ReV'vin... the metabolism and burning calories! It's a beautiful thing!

A hot bath is such a great natural way to detoxify yourself. The pores open up and cleanse and the skin becomes refreshed and the glow of your skin will boost your self confidence.

I challenge to take a hot bath every day for the next week and see if this helps make a difference for you!

Also I challenge you to explore your body while in the bath- excess body fat floats so learn by feeling and pinching around your body to see what is firm like muscle and what is fat. In the weeks and months to come you can try this again to literally feel the difference in your weight loss or muscle gain! It's a neat thing that no one likes to talk about but I think it's vital to stay tuned into YOUR body ♥

Set the Mood!

 Candles, Bubbles, a Single Glass of Red whine, Aromatherapy, Soft Music ............ 



Candle Light, Glass of red wine


  1. I love hot baths and usually come out looking like a lobster. Good to know that my super hot baths can be good for me

  2. So, then a hot tub would be a great thing too. I had a hot tub at my previous house. We'd like to have another one someday when money allows it.

    I'm not too keen on baths for the mere fact that the water gets cold so quick and I can't seem to totally submerge myself comfortably in a standard bathtub. Yep, I think we just need to move the hot tub up on the long "needful" list. :-) Call it part of my new health and fitness program.