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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Judgement Free Zone

Everybody's got a story to tell and everybody's got a wound to be healed. That's what I think about when I see an overweight person. I don't see lazy, I don't see someone who lacks motivation, I don't see uneducated. What I see is comfort, what I see is someone who may have chosen to set other things in their life a priority over their own health. I see someone who might be really freakin' happy in their large frame got a I also see someone who might be battling health issues, hormone issues, thyroid disorders etc. That's what I see when I see an overweight person. I know that some might not understand soulfully the vulnerability of the body and how one day a heart attack or diabetes or serious disease can change/alter their existing life forever. I know fear, doubt, worry and the unquestionable "how do I start and keep this going" goes well beyond the simple act of stating "eat clean and move more" there has to be that intrinsic drive and reshaping of the character to push through and triumph over all the unknowns. Those same uknowns that so often causes us all to fumble at some piont or another. There is mental and physical discomfort in transformation. Be Kind in judging others, for you and I don't know the root of who they are, the real foundation of their hearts desire may very well be well outside the physical self but I will say "Encourage on another and lend a helping hand to others in the journey with you. If you are in the gym and you see someone with wrong form help them correct it. If you see someone really working their butt off then tell them Great Hard Work! Avoid Judgement & Spread Love ~ CCRG

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