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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Brainwash Yourself Thin- Mind Control for Weight Loss

Brainwash- verb-  to effect a radical change in the ideas and beliefs of (a person)

What are you thinking about when you are working hard to be fit? Are you focused on music or are your eyes glued to the closest television?

Let me clue in on some major tips on how to help you grow in your journey through a little self brainwashing! What you speak to your mind while you work-out can do wonders for you for the rest of the day, week and entire journey in weight loss and fitness.  Truth is if you are thinking negative and or nothing at all you are being completely counterproductive. I know because I've been there.....done that.... it did me NO good and it does my clients no good either.  Instead what you should be doing is be thinking not only optimistic and celebrating the sweat, the push and barf factor behind your work-outs but I want you to actually start to think beyond the work-out as well. I want you to focus on talking to yourself about your body, your food intake and I want you to make special notes in your mind while you are working out.

Why when you are working out? This is when you are most vulnerable, this is often when we are at our brink physically causing us to more than often to be our weakest mentally. Ever notice particularly on shows like the biggest loser when the contestants are crying, sobbing over a light run. Do you really think it's because it's all that physically challenging? No they are breaking down mentally and we all do that when we are pushing beyond our comfort zone. This is the exact time when the brainwashing or the inner warrior needs to come out. 

1) Focus on what you ate that day. Decide right then and there what you will eat the remaining part of the day that will allow you to refuel and recovery properly.
2) Think about how many calories you are burning that day, how long it took you to burn off 300-400 calories and how long it takes to eat that back! It can take 45min to burn off ONE DONUT!
3) Start thinking about empty or useless calories you are consuming in your every day life that you can cut back on. That extra sugar or creamer in the coffee. That 100 calorie snack pack will take a mile to burn off.
4) Instead of discussing with yourself how grumpy you feel about your weight and how you might feel or appear while working out instead visualize the fat literally melting off of you. Mentally tell your body to shave the fat from your belly or but and while you do that I want you to PUSH that work-out a little bit harder!
5) Find your Mantra! That's right I want you to find a mantra that works for you; something that makes you never want to give up on the run, the set, something that keeps you focus when you put the second helpings into the fridge at dinner time.
6) Put reminders and notes around the house, office, car for you to find and read. Self motivating inner voice messages that push you stay focused on healthy choices

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