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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What will be Your Turning Point for a Healthy Lifestyle Change?

Joanne a single mom to 3 little girls was Christmas shopping when all of a sudden she felt a sharp pain in her chest. Instantly Joanne panicked and all the fears about who would be there to raise her three little girls scared her deeply in an instant. Fearing a heart attack at 285lbs Joanne met with her doctor immediately. Joanne had learned her blood pressure was dangerously high and for Joanne pills were not an option for her at the time. Her Doctor said "Joanne it's time for a Lifestyle Change"

I'm curious always what drives every single person to take make a change. I knew mine it was love for my children and deep feeling that I was not physically well.  What I want most is to old Momma with my Grand kids in my arms or Great- Grand kids (Yes!! I want to hold my GREAT Grand kids!) I knew I had to make my lifestyle change when going up and down the stairs took my breath away. Who am I kidding .....tying my shoes felt like a 5k-  I would drive and the wheel would hit my fat rolls. I had a million reasons in retrospect but those were just the ones that stick out the most.

For some of my clients it's personal health deterioration, a family member that suffered cancer or heart disease. Sometimes it's a woman that has finally decided to live for herself after being set free from a dominating relationship with a partner.

What's Your Turning Point? If you really hit that fork in the road or are you shuffling along side the road wanting to take that turn? You see the Healthy Choices to be made but you never fully take the turn. Wow- don't I know that feeling!

I think we will all hit our proverbial bottom or maybe we just have this sudden catastrophic personal event happen that will force that upper hand for us. Let's hope that doesn't happen; don't wait!

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