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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fitness & Weight Loss Christian Fellowship

I have been Inspired by God. I'm listening and letting God take the drivers seat in this great new adventure! I've tried to quietly incorporate God into my coaching the last several months and have yet to find a path that works for me. I don't need to be favorite amongst society for my love of God but by Golly I can't let it dim my Fire for Him ♥ I'll keep Blogging about Food, Fitness and how you can incorporate God into your daily life for Greater Food & Fitness Choices that God will be proud of. I'll share all this information over on the page here on the Blog labeled "Running & Fueling on Faith" and I hope you consider letting your love for God be fueled in new and unimaginable ways! I too keep growing with God. My Love for him continues to blow my mind and I want to GROW with him and for him! I want to lift his promises and his word to inspire myself but also inspire you!

So for FellowShip, Motivational Photos and God's Word feel free to Join me on Facebook!


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