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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Eating Yourself to Death or Eating Yourself to Life

What if your life was food and you find yourself controlled by it. Food addiction is incredibly real. Unlike any other addiction out there. If you are an alcoholic you can choose to sustain from it. When you quit using drugs like Pot or cocaine you just have to sustain from it.  Most all addictions there is a separation from the 'substance' that you are addicted to. However, with food that is not the case. We need to eat every day all day long. We need food to survive. Then comes the choice if you want the food to sustain you, kill you, fill you, overfill you, under fill you, exploit you, control you, overcome you, over power you.

Do we need to be a slave to food? No, actually we don't. It's vitally important to take each day with the cognitive thought that "this food is going to fuel me, make me healthy" mentality instead of the "This food is going to control me, overcome me and make me sick".  I'll be honest that is a hard pill for overweight or even unhealthy people to understand. I'm not even talking to the Obese, overweight population either. I'm talking to my normal sized skinny fat people (the standard healthy weight by numbers people that eat like crap and have higher risk for heart disease than healthy eating obese people)

We want to choose life. We are survivalists by nature. Yet there is another side to us that wants to survive and that need is emotional. Emotional well being trumps our physical well being. We are spiritual beings living in a physical self. 

Disconnection takes place when you remove emotions from your food. Stop your comfort eating, Stop your boredom eating. Stop your over eating. Learn to control your environment. Set up your home, office, car for success. Failing to plan ahead is planning on failing. We must hold ourselves accountable. It's not done all at once, baby steps. Will today be your day that you choose Life (healthy foods in moderation) or Death (processed foods laced with sugar, salt and unhealthy fats)?

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