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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Warrior Run 2013 My First Ever Fun Run! Lots of pictures

Warrior Run Mountain Series 2013 @ Labrador Mountain

We Started Off CLEAN! 

What is the Rave?  MUD- FUN- OBSTACLE course Fun Runs!
I knew at some point I had to get me some of this Kind of Action. Play time while running, Awesome- Let's do this! 

before & after  

Try Almost 800 Feet Elevation Gain - all UPHILL for Just over a mile! Yowzers!
A Mud Pit where Carla Decided to Get Frisky- Let the REAL Fun begin....hahahaha!


My Butt Crack says "quack quack"  mud ditch!
WOAH' ......I spent tender care cleansing out the downtown area after these mud slides....WOW! LOL

We Earned our Medals *And Beer if you wanted*

Mud Pits, Mud Slides, Cargo Nets, Hail Bales, Rock climbing wall, Log over a ditch, Snow slides
It was a Fun Run! 
I am most blessed to spend the day with people that are kind, loving and easy going! Nothing but a Mud Flinging Good time!