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Friday, November 1, 2013

What to do with Left Over Halloween Candy for Weight Loss

Hope Everyone had a Great Festive, Fun, Safe Halloween! 

I know how Vitally Important it is to DITCH THE TEMPTATION! 

Here are some of my Fast Easy Tips for Controlling your Candy! 

1) Proportion just a lunch bag sized portion for your children at home, then forward the remaining candy to the babysitter, schools, grandparents, friends!

2) Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Yes, it's really that simple. Hide it away! Tuck it in a spot in your home you know that you won't be ravishing the package at 10pm when you're bored, restless or feeling emotional. Popular places to hide it- in your car overnight, locked safe or drawer, your shed or garage!

3) Freeze your chocolates. Cold candy is not appealing and not quick and easy to eat out of the freezer, so it warrants a defrost as a mental preparation for eating. This again helps with needless purges.

4) Donate it- Nursing Homes, Shelters, Church's. If you collect enough you could add the Candy to Operation Christmas Child or Operation Gratitude (For American Soldiers overseas)

5) Store it into a Pinata for the next Birthday party!

6) Store some for your Gingerbread house this Christmas or for your Christmas Crafts- Plan ahead for great fun, tasty treat craft ideas for your children's gifts to grandparents, teachers or friends.

7) Some dentists love to buy back candy from kids for other cool prizes.....check with your area providers!

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