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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Un-forgiveness Cuts a path of destruction across your entire life

Un-Forgiveness cuts a path of destruction across your entire life.

Can you see beyond the scars? A broken heart can survive but shadows fill the empty heart.
A touch of Grace can turn shadows into light.

Un-forgiveness is a tethered rope, waiting to snap and break you away from your true purpose and destination in life. There is a peace that God & Jesus has destined for all of us. When you avoid forgiveness it can create a path of destruction across your entire life. It will be written into every relationship you have in this life. It will be seen in the workplace and amidst the closeness and freedom experiences with those you love and care about. Not only will it affect your relationships but it will affect your health. Are you responding to the stress? Physical responses creating heart & body stress responses resulting an increase in heart attacks! Are you letting the hurt destroy your ability to tend and care for your health? Are you eating poorly, lacking the desires to tend to your personal fitness?

Are you letting time heal? Time healing is about pushing away the forgiveness, you avoid it and hope that time takes away the pain. Time does NOT heal a broken heart, Time does not forgive others; you do.

Can't forget till you forgive. That's just a fact. Stop waiting for the person that did you wrong to come to you to say Sorry! I can almost guarantee you that is never going to happen. Even if by chance they did come to you, would you be ready to receive it? Would you be ready to forgive and let go?

Sin masquerades and an un forgiving heart and most importantly hinders your love for God & Jesus along with everyone else in your life. Have compassion, pray for the person that has hurt you. Lift  them up to the Lord for healing. Ask God to take care of the convictions and let your responsibility for crucification of the other person wither.

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