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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pain is Inevitable, Misery is Optional

Pain is Inevitable, Misery is Optional

Transformation comes from pain. It's not a time be upset about the suffering, yet a time to take root in who you are, what is meant for your life!

Life is about transforming in pain & hardship. It's NOT a time of compensation. We ache and hurt and we fill the need or void with unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.  Compensation happens when we are eager to feel "good" again. No one wants to pain!  Pain is covered, filled or compensated with food, drugs, alcohol, casual or meaningless sex, inappropriate relationships (slip up of personal boundary lines with people). 

I want to ask you, Are you compensating or transforming in your Pain? 

Misery is optional, turn your thoughts from pessimism to optimisms. Look and search hard for your silver linings, for your lessons. Many think suffering is optional and that is the furthest from the truth, because everyone will suffer! Jesus even suffered on the cross and God suffers when you stray from his light and love for you! Suffering is inevitable, but do NOT toil in it. Feel it, experience it and then TRANSFORM in it!

How can you transform in Pain?

  1. Recognize it - stop hiding the pain, it's real, it's raw and sometimes placed by there by God to grow you! Sometimes it's placed there by Satan to destroy you! Pray for your discernment.
  2. Feel it- there is something powerful about suffering, not only does it make you value when life feels' normal and good'
  3. Find your lessons- There is a way to grow inside the pain. Growth strength & courage. Find your life lesson. Identify your pitfalls in dealing with pain, do you rise up or do you allow yourself to get swallowed up?
  4. Keep your Focus- Keep your eye on strength, courage and endurance. When you stay optimistic and keep heart & soul on what God has in store for you, and full TRUST the Living God then who can be against you? With True Faith, Deep Hope you will feel that God and Will redeem you! You Must meet God Half way; don't make him do all the work for you! It's time for YOU to grow and change, Not God!

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