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Monday, August 13, 2012

Marathon Training????

So week after week I make a blog post as I dive into distance running again after my mesocycle training cycle to speed up my pace- anything past 8 became HARD on me and finally getting to the half marathon distance feels normal. Now I'm fearing the distance again because simply put I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself to perform stronger each training cycle. Further more I've had challenges with consistency with my training schedule and honestly it's not because I don't want to have concrete 30 mile weeks it just seems with my schedule that mileage happens but it takes an extra day in the week to hit that number- ....confused? My Husband works rotating shifts so it just so happens sometimes I do two long runs in 7 day period or sometimes I do one long run every 8-10 days. Just the way I've always had to train- it's why I can't have cookie cutter training programs!

So anyways- I was supposed to do 14 today- I'll try again later this week. Meanwhile I ran 11 today as my long run for this (last) weeks training schedule- I'll make 14 on Friday my Long run for this week. I either do this and move forward with little setbacks or I'll have to re-think this fall marathon and do a load of halfs (which are easy and recovery is easier for me) and make new fun fall running plans. I know marathons don't define me. Actually they take major dedication to train for and there are parts of me that wished I was still faster before training again. I have this secret spot in my heart that wants to run another marathon when I can run really fast half marathons with the HOPES of Boston qualifying the next time I do run a Marathon. It was in FACT why I ran 20', 17's etc in the spring to run a Spring Marathon and I didn't feel ready enough with my running heart to settle with a 4hr marathon- I want a 3:50 so I re-focused my training and then with Recovery from my Bronze Time Medal in Moutain Goat & it's recovery- Graduation, Summer - sickness I lost my distance (anything past an hour of running) it really does matter trying to get that back, lol- Now I question if I can even do the 4hr let alone the 3:50 and the losing out on all that 2 months of training to get faster when in fact I didn' the long run that is. GAH!

Blah, blah, blah!!!

Ok friends- I went camping last week! I had a BLAST and the Vacation with my Peeps AMAZING ♥
Got there and ran a 2 miler- so dehydrated that I thought my head would pop off- I think it was 2.25 miles- so I drank up fast and cranked out 7 miles of hills the next morning! It was a great adventure running in the country :)

What I realize on Vacation-  I DON'T DRINK ENOUGH WATER- I pee often and it appears clear enough for me- but when you are peeing in the camper toilet and it's empty and I see quanity and color- I was frequently like "that's it" hahahaha- but so NOT funny- has this been my problem all along- inadequate hydration?

Could of been my problem on my run today too- I have trained to learn to run upward of 2hrs with no fueling/hydration ***yes I know it's takes TRAINING*** and with the summer heat I often adjust that- but anyways- I set out and I felt GREAT- by mile 4 I was sweating profusely and then went FLAT- stopped home at mile 6 and drank about 16oz of electrolytes. Still the end of the 11 miler I had lost 6lbs of fluids and I drank another 16oz when I got home- needless to say I lost alot of water today and I still don't think I'm drinking enough-

My plan: UM DRINK MORE- LOL- no seriously I'm back to counting calories - so I'm tracking water now too-

I'm officially going to adventure into losing weight again- I have always had this goal of hitting 149lbs and then I got really comfortable "here" ......then I think I want to go after that goal again and try .....then I give up and stay "here" cause it's comfortable.

In order to lose weight I have to be willing to get uncomfortable. I have to count- I have to cut- I have to give up indulgances- I have to be extra mindful of everything- my fitness has to be tip top- I have to be so mindful of all aspects - hydration, fueling- sleep- counting- tracking- cutting- etc.  Losing weight in this stage of my life is going to be really hard. My body is conditioned. My body is smart and it uses fuel really wisely. I have to experiment and find my secret spot with my calorie count "now" NOT what it was 'THEN' when I lost my 150lbs. So I set up my CalorieCounting Diary and I'm on Day #3 counting and it's feeling easy again :)

Can I follow through this time to hit this goal? I hope so- I want it more than ever before. why? I want to feel leaner in my mid-section still. I want to actually perform better with my running- this extra mid section weight all be I look thin etc ....I do feel "it" when I run and I'm ready to feel more athletic!  I have grown my core- abs/obliques so strong that it built a wall inside my guts and my belly pudge feels like it sticks out more- surely it must and that aggrivates me! lol


Ok- so I wanted to go Gluten free last week - I made it one day on my trip Gluten Free and then I caved and eat wheat burger roll- a few sun harvest chips and a graham cracker for smores- and we stayed an extra day at vacation and we ran out of food so we had deep fried options for food or a pizza- we opted for pizza that night and well- GLUTEN! 

HOWEVER!! I got home and got prepared and created a meal plan and options that will work for me. As I adventure into two weeks of NO gluten to see if it resolves my plentifiul body issues. Such as irritable bowel, distention- sinus aches, headaches, inflammation- fatique etc.

My 2 week of Gluten Free Experience-

Day 1- No Gluten Feel good- no problems to report- I am however feeling tightness in my chest - I think I'm coming down with a chest infection- I try Gluten free pasta prepared from a box and it was really good!

Gluten Free pasta with Salad for dinner!

Day 2- No Gluten-Feel Good- I am definately sick with a chest infection- I have some lung inflammation and I am producing mucous. :(  I have NO other symptoms. I'm not happy. My sinus are inflammed. My guts feel normal and I'm not feeling bloated at all.  I baked bread and made gluten free cookies (i'm so naughty :) kids destroyed them- my husband asked me to make more today!
Bought $30 in supplies to bake bread- lol- omg- I hope I use all this!

My Gluten Free Bread I baked :)  I'll be using this for eggs/toast and for any sandiwch type foods I prepare!

So! I bought this mix and we used it camping - my kids & husband actually loved it to my buckwhat with wheat flour style pancakes. So I decided with the small amount I had left to build my own recipe for a chocolate chip cookie- Sweet Holey Goodness - I ate two! YUMMY!!!! We all wanted more- Don asked me to make more today- lol I'll link you a recipe of the blog post I'll make for it!

Day 3- No Gluten - Long run- for some reason I have diarrhea (sorry TMI) and I'm confused as to why- till I wonder if the Electrolyte Maltodextrose sets my guts up for tummy trouble this evening- cause for days I've been eating clean and having normal bowel movements. I was at the mall shopping- I felt like death- ugh- My lung infection still here- it's settled in the bronchial tubes and expelling some sticky pleghm, pisses me off- I HATE BEING SICK- I'm a big baby about my lungs. I smoked for 12 years and I've damaged my lungs- this is paypack on occasion they get grumpy with me over small infections and I'm not happy to hack and run today :(   Gluten free was a challenge- I ate out for dinner- Ruby Tuesdays. I ate huge salad- chicken for dinner and was Gluten free- no croutons- no small cheddar cheese biscuit with my dinner ( I love those dam things- just ONE!) LOL- We were at the mall and normally I would eat 2-3 pretzal sticks from Auntie Anne's pretzal shop- NOPE!  This gluten free thing does stop the small tiney bit of indulgances in my life- that will help the waist line ;-)

Kids are At Vacation Bible School this week!-
I went to Church on Sunday it was GREAT!
I went and watched my friends race on Sunday and then went back after church to let my kids play and visit with others! Very nice time!

Took the kids to the zoo today and had a great time!

I just want to give a shout-out to my Husband. He spent 5 days with us on Vacation and then returned to work busting out 2 double shifts this past week for his family ♥ he is a GREAT man for providing for us so well - I am thankful for his diligence in this manner! A true provider and I'm blessed for his job and for all he does for us! It was beautiful to spend an amazing night with him yesterday and celebrated our love ♥

My Husband and I  ♥

Whitney Invited me out- it was her First Trip out on a Canoe and it was with me xx- Love that!

We camped at Yogi Bear's Camp Resort! This place was all inclusive Awesomeness!
Jellystone Camp Resort Included a Water park/slides and it was The BEST Highlight!
Our Campsite- Boy did I ever miss camping!

Shout out to Kelly for Inviting our Family there- she was there with friends/family and we joined them for Fun Redneck games like CornHole (I suck at CornHole, lmao) and CanJam- and DAM- I found my Game! lol- FUN with Kelly ♥
Watched her Race on Sunday and she came in 20:16- 4th female out 385 females and she is training for a marathon and not even for speed yet- OMG_ she just started running a year ago- INSPIRING!  You'll remember our last time together at Goat and she was showing off her Silver and I was showing off my bronze and we vowed she would get Gold and I'll get Silver next year! We have so much in Common- a Beautiful Friendship continues to bloom!

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  1. All I can say is KUDOS to making gluten free bread the first week of changing things up. That's the one beast I refused to tackle so I spend about $5 on one loaf to buy it from the grocery freezer. I was afraid I'd spend all the money on the flour and it would turn out nasty, LOL! You and your hubby are adorable. Beautiful family. Great week! God Bless :)