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Sunday, August 26, 2012

In Life & in Death - 10k Results and More

I participated in my very first 10k Race this morning. I've done lots of random 10k's as training runs- but never to RACE one- more paced runs to prepare for half marathons or slow training runs for Marathon training etc.  So I Knew I had to adventure to take a bite out of a 10k Race and see where I would end up.

The sun rose from the East- a 45min drive from home Runnerboy and I were bound to have a great day! We met up with Runner Friends ♥ Always the best!
CCRG Valerie- So much Fun to See her Again- See you At Empire- rocking out her first Marathon at 65 years old ♥ Mad Respect xxx
KELLY- YOU INSPIRE ME AND YOUR PACE AND PASSION DRIVES ME TO TRAIN HARDER!! Congrats to her on her 1:37 Finish Time- she Trains Hard to be Fast and to be Great a this Sport that she just started Last year! Always giving you Huge Props - Boom ♥ love ya!

Runnerboy would run his first half Marathon since a late spring/early spring calf injury where he lost some passion to run and needed some personal space to get back into running. I'd nudge and try to encourage him to train but he was always a little reluctant- pessimistic of the loss of pace from being out. It happens but I had to promise him that he would get it back in time! I asked him to go out for a long run for a few weeks ago and he kicked by butt with a Half Marathon when the longest he had gone was just 8 miles- so I was PLEASED to see him so thrilled that his legs remembered! He lifts weights 5x weekly and does MMA 2x weekly so he is already very active so to see him Run on top of this surely makes him an all around studly athlete ♥

                                                     Here we are in all our cute Glory!
Race: Turning Stone Races 
Weather: Around 80 Degrees at Race Start- Light Wind- Blue Skys and full sun
Course: Rolling Hills in the Country: Verified course - well marked- 3 hydration tables on 10k
Gear: Nike Visor- Nike Shelf Tank, Under Armour Tank, Under Armour compression, UA Socks, Brand New Asics 2170's (these were magic today- I found a new shoe ♥)
I watched Runnerboy and Friends take off at 8am - Fun to Root them on as they adventured for a hilly and hot half marathon!
10k would start at 8:30am- No Watch- Runnerboy ran with the Garmin today
Mile 1:  I knew in the first 1/4 mile that I saw 2 woman take the lead and shoot out fast ahead of me. I made sure to make count that I was in 3rd place over-all female.  It was hard to gauge my pace when I had no watch on. I would have to guess my effort at the goal pace of 8min miles. I don't train to often at this pace- I'm most often either training at about 8:15-8:30 pace (which is my half marathon pace) and my Slow pace for Marathon Training is about 9min-9:15 miles - none the less to know how that feels is something I'm not aware of.  but I get comfortable and I hold my own
Mile 2: We are coming down a hill and Runnergirl #4 passes me but I don't Psyche myself out I am going downhill and I was surprised to see her pass me- but I told myself not to worry I would pass her back quickly and surely I did and just so you all know she finished 4 minutes slower than me
Mile 3- was one of the larger hills- I passed one guy and one guy passed me- we were pretty spread out. I took a look at my wrist watch to see that about 25min had elapsed for the mid way point and I was on track for what I thought was an 8min pace. not really sure though .... Just beyond this point I look back and about 100m back is different female and I knew I had to recover a bit faster so I did and I shook her loose :) I carried on the pace I was at and she never became an issue again :)
Mile 4-5.5- I'm feeling really good- I'm praying and it's beautiful to find Christ and to keep God in my heart now as I run. I pray to keep feeling well. I'm so comfortable and I keep spot checking behind me to make sure there was no one creeping up  and surely the last female is behind me a ways- so I keep my pace. I pass a runnerboy here-
Mile 5.5 - we are coming up on the last hill of the race- I see runnerboy ahead of me for a while- but he is either slowing down or I'm speeding up - which I think he is slowing down but I make it my goal to pass him on this hill- it will carry me to the top and I randomly see Runnerboy #2 on hill WALKING- and I knew I had to get him too- so I took them both over :-)  But then on the flat away recovery I'm catching breath and the walker boy passes me and then we play cat and mouse for a while! All the way to the finish as a matter of fact- I think he took me as I sprinted too soon at the finish and there is a small 100m incline to through to the finish chute and I had to really push deep in the last 1/4 mile with this guy- lol- I think just trying to have fun and take over two guys just knackered more than the whole other part of the race! ha! I love Running ☻♥
3rd Female OverAll- BOOM!
22 Second person in!
I was slightly disappointed and my runners high was a little deflated when I saw my time- 52:07 but I knew that I didn't push too hard on this run and I could of ran faster surely and maybe if there was another female in my sights I would of dug more. What I know is that I have no idea how to run a 10k pace without a watch to tell me how fast I'm going- I'm simply not training this pace and I fell into my Half Marathon pace very easily- lol- no wonder I felt good on this 10k, hahaha!
but I LOVED IT! I ran a 10k in a decent lil clip and had fun and got 3rd female overall and I surely could of fought for 1,2nd if I pushed and wore that dam watch but NO Regrets- I'm glad Runnerboy wore it- he got 1:44 on this Half Marathon and I'm so Proud of him for a great Recovery Run!
Here I am with my Acrylic!

I came home and on Race Day Runnerboy and I always eat Pizza - it's our Tradition- Our kids even expect it, lol
Then we went to Church- and my Husband Worshipped God and Christ. We both were very happy to discuss with each other that we prayed during our races today- it was not to be fast- but it was prayer to give thanks- asking God to help keep us strong so we can run in his honor. I want to share that with you today- that I'm taking the Good Lord with me as I run Now :)
As I adventure into my Christianity I feel so compelled to share how I feel with you all. To explore with you how my life continues to change and evolve. I'm thankful. I'm glad I was praying this morning on my run and in light of TRAGIC news I heard when I got home from Church I've found myself in deep sorrow. A childhood friend (and cousin by law) died this morning. He drowned and I'm unaware of the circumstances and my heart aches to know that they have yet to recover his body from the lake. He is in the water and my heart aches sadly for this thought. His body needs to be at rest and his family deserves to be put at ease. I'm praying that God give the divers and recovery team a steadfast search in the early morning. I pray for his body to be preserved in the best way possible. I pray that God will work through the crews to stay strong in light of the tragedy. He drowned and his 9 year old son in a life preserver tried to save him and was later found by another boater. I pray to God tonight that he lift up this child and carry him through life with love. That he fills this boys heart with a Great Love for him so that he feels a sense of relief and understanding that he will be re-united with his daddy one day and his mommy (he lost his mommy to a tragic car crash when he was just 3 yrs old) I can't begin to tell you the tears I have cried for this young boy. I'm hurting for him. I am deeply saddened for the loss of a really good human being today. I know you are in Heaven Dan with your Mother (he lost her at young age due to an intoxicated driver running her over) and that you are in God's Kingdom Now and that you will look after your son- ♥ I will always remember our outnumbered childhood memories. We swam together and fished together in the very lake you drowned. We played in the creek, played ball in the field, we spent endless hours together- we spent years trick or treating together and as an adult I enjoyed seeing you from time to time and exchanging hellos knowing we always had a great time as kids- I never expected your life to end this way and you will be missed. Oh and Aerosmith- BonJovi- Guns N Roses in your bedroom when were pre-teens! haha! Such a boy making me listen to that Rock!  Praying hard tonight.
Tonight I can't help but feel such mixed emotions. As I felt so Alive on my run- a Great Person that I grew up with and care about was drowning. In Life there is Death. In Death there is Life.  Maybe as my friend passed into heaven doors and he glanced down at every person that loves and has ever cared for him- there I was in my Running Glory- something a little special to me about that. I'll dedicate that Run to You Danny!



  1. Congrats on a great run... you continue to inspire me! I will be praying for them to find Dan's body and will be praying for his family as they grieve his loss. So sad! (((HUGS)))

    I'd love to have you check out my blog...

  2. Agreeing with you in prayer, Connie. How very sad.

    Congrats on a great run!