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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marathon Training Week #7


Family & Self Reflections: On Thursday after a night of funky dreams/nightmares over relentless issues I woke up with a deep desire to just pray, often I don't pray when I wake up instead I give praise for the day ahead. I think positive thoughts, I make mental plans on what I'll be doing and so forth. This day changed me. I prayed and for the first time ever I asked Jesus into my Heart. After purchasing my bible a couple months ago and reading through about marraige and life and love and different scriptures that the bible forwarded me too, I began building a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Here is my Bible
Here is Whitneys bible:

I decided after that day I needed time to reflect so I wrote that blog post the other day (thanks to the follower for the loving comment :)

I stepped back from facebook and my computer for almost two days and what I noticed was I began reading more and writing more. LOL- when I have thoughts with no expression I write them down. I suppose I'm used to blabbering a thought or feeling during my Facebooking. lol- now that I had no outlet I wrote about a dozens pages worth of information that I thought about or wanted to retain. Maybe it was a thought I wanted to share, information that I was learning from my books etc. So I found myself logging in and seeing messages and this need to repsond to posts, check in with my private online group on facebook- motivate others, ask questions- interact, etc.

"Don't give up Anything in your Life that you Can't live ONE day without"

Then I found this and Rang so true to me!
Who I am? I  LOVE helping people. I love motivating others, guiding others, teaching others. It comes really natural to me. If my life can Inspire others then I feel a DEEP need to share that with the world. I feel it's my purpose and I spoke about that last year. I am thankful for it. I'm eager for my future with it and no matter what I'm doing and or how I'm doing- I'm going to be doing this in some way ; as I always have!

So I went to church today!!! My first trip to a church all on my own- as an adult!  I took my FIRST Communion!! The church feels like my home, I feel like it's meant that I'm supposed to be there. I've wanted to walk through those doors for a over a year now. I repent my sins, I realize all my sins and I ask for forgiveness and for strength, guidance to live through the holy spirit. I'm ready and I'm happy and eager to learn every single day about the scripture and my life is forever changed. I'm so changed~ I've cried a lot of tears about this and I'm looking forward to a loving relationship with Jesus :)

Foods:Going Gluten Free after this week!

I ate lots of carbs this week! My energy was back really fast and I knocked out that GREAT 10 miler last Monday, followed up that night was a great 3 miler. All week I felt Good and then on Thursday/Friday I notice not only all that I experienced with my spirituality but I also felt a host of other problems with my physical being. Distention, bloating, up a few lbs of bloat despite clean eating. I was feeling tired again- extremely tired- I'm talking crashing on the couch again 4-6pm and I HATE THAT- I am not a couch person, lol- Hydration was in check, fueling in check, balance with nutrients in check but I'm moody, tired, my joints ached really badly I couldn't even do my lifting session my elbows/shoulder joints ached like rusty hinges. My sinus issues that had gone away came again with a vengeance on one of my runs I could barely breathe through my nose- WTF!! I take Claritan too- GGRR!
So I start googling - again- I failed at dropping my carbs- my energy zapped on my running but I felt good otherwise, my bowel movements not right from all the fat in my diet. etc so I went back to more grains and then my host of old problems returned .....SO.............I'm going Gluten Free!  Gluten intolerance, protein allergy or Celiac Disease, who knows which I might have if any- but what I'm sure of- knowing my diet this well (which is a normal balance diet- you see what I eat) that it has to be the gluten! So now I concentrate on Grains without gluten, carb fueling on sweet potato's, other grains, bananas, etc.
I started back up again! so I can be really mindful of what I eat, how I feel and keep experimenting more! What do I want? I have after-all at the same way this week as I have forever- and still lost 150lbs and maintained my loss- but is a BETTER ME ;) That's all- it's good to experiment plus it helps me help others! I can speak from experience!

Do you have a Gluten intolerance?

So these food pictures will look different after this week but this was this weeks intake and what I ate!

I love this Rozzani product- Organic and so Yummy! I'll miss it :/

This I can still have after this week!! BuckWheat Pancakes! Yes, despite the name this is gluten Free because it's really not wheat! I threw in Fresh blueberries and of course I love PURE maple Syrup! No HFC's Here!

Mixed Nuts, sea Salt- I don't fear salt I sweat so much we need salt in our diet- moderation! Greek Yogurt!

I ate out this week, I'm showing that I ask for my broccoli dry (without butter/salt) and today I opted for a bit dirty sandwich with normal bacon/cheese) but most often I opt out of this extra fat/cals and go with fat free honey mustard on the side- grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato on a whole wheat bun- ice water with lemon for my beverage- I can eat out for under 600 calories :)

My protein- Jillians All natural Whey, Almond milk for my milk intolerance and PB2 which if you have not heard about is a peanut butter that has has the fats expressed out so you are left with protein/flavor powder 2 tblsp is 80 cals! I throw that in and so GOOD! You add water to the powder and can use as a spread on toast!

Experimented this week with Apple Chips ;) The Bare Fruit lost it's crisps in a day and have to toss them :( and the other is frozen and tastes good but not what I was looking for exactly for my salads.

Avocado salad & blueberries

Chicken Salad Sandwich on whole wheat with fresh spinach for lunch, made it myself with boiled chicken and olive oil mayo

Organic Beef I love it once in a while! GrassFed is so much healthier for us! You can also eat Bison!
My Green beans are Fresh- I just put broiled them after I tossed them in olive oil and sprinkled  a seasoning on top! Yum!

Steel Cut Oats- So Healthy- reduces cholesterol- I can still have this as I'm gluten free! I rolled in FlaxSeeds and raisins and tsp of Pure Maple Syrup!

Yummy Salad- I'm still surprised I fit all this in at once, lol

Fitness:  28 miles for the week, 1crosstrain, 1 weightlifting

Monday- 10 in the morning- 3 at night

Tuesday- 30min weight lifting, 1/4 mile walk, 1 mile run, 10min elliptical

Wednesday- 7.5 miles with the Stroller on the 1/2 Marathon Race course with Runnerboy & kids♥

Thursday-Rest Day

Friday-3 miles- wished I had more time to run :(

Saturday-3 miles - again I wished I had more time to run- I need to ramp up these 3's to 5's asap!

Sunday- No Chance to run- forced rest day (runnerboy on second day of 16hr shifts) ......Long Run in the Morning (14 miles)

I felt good this week- tried to lift on Saturday and couldn't my joints hurt pretty badly- so grumpy about that. - the kids have drove me nuts all week as they have been going to bed at 11 each night "But Mommy I want ot watch the OLYMPICS WITH YOU" YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, LOL- then guess who doesn't get up till 10am!! yep my kids! UGH! Then I can't run what I need to - that's NOT happening this week!

made sure I wanted all the Womans Olympic Marathon run ♥
Kara coming back for Shalane and helping her up- made me cry :*)
these woman are so TINEY- I'm so BIG and thick to these speed demons- it's no wonder they can run fast- they care carring around a 110lbs not 164lbs like me, lol-

What I discovered and want to share is that I LOVE RUNNING- I'M TALKING LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RUNNING AND I'M NOT ASHAMED FOR MY ADDICTION :) I can't care if you don't, if you others don't. I can't care if someone doenst have the guts to push past the pain and discomfort. I'm finding my magic when I run and it's not because it freaking feels good cause often I feel like Shit- sorta lets me know I'm pushing and re-defining myself! I'm on a journey to a stronger and faster me and that means I feel like crap on most given run days and will learn to embrace my easy runs and I've been doing that a lot more lately with no garmins, no music and just running where it feels like a lovely stroll :)

So Any Prediction on When you all think I'll be DONE WITH THIS BOOK ↓ lol- Only on my 2/3rd week trying to finish it :) If I do....It will be my FIRST book I have read front to back (for fun!!) since Grade school- I've read other books for College but Mark Twain is not nearly as interesting as Dean Karnandez- hahaha! Ultra Marathon Man Book Review hopefully next week!


  1. Awesome post! Im training for my 3rd half right now so this gave me some good ideas! Erica

  2. Awesome post! I joined your page on facebook and have been encouraged by your sharing. I need to lose over 100 lbs still but love to run. I've been struggling lately though - with discipline and self control. But, I'm not giving up. I'm excited to read of your spiritual journey also - I know without Jesus I'd be completely hopeless. I came across this song today - I hope it encourages you like it did me!

    I also have a blog if you want to follow and check it out -

    Blessings friend!

  3. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while. Just wanted to let you know that God has brought you to mind so many times this past week, and I've been praying for you.

    I have this favorite preacher that I listen to when I need encouragement. As a mom of two littles sometimes it is easier to "study" the bible by listening to it while working out/folding laundry/etc. It's all free (look for the podcast)

    Thanks so much for your blog. It really encourages me!